Q&A with Tico Torres

Best known as the internationally famed drummer in iconic rock band Bon Jovi, Tico Torres launches Rock Star Baby.


Tico Torres has demonstrated how life isn’t simply rock ‘n’ roll for him as he’s recently launched his brand Rock Star Baby. We got chance to ask him all about his latest venture.

What inspired you to set up your childrenswear company, Rock Star Baby?

I’ve always had an interest in fashion, the women in my family up until the nineties were involved in my stage outfits for Bon Jovi. They were all seamstresses, and it was second nature to be involved in that side of things. Later on in life, as band mates and friends were having kids I wanted to give them something cool for their new babies, but it was hard to find something special between all the pastel blues and baby pinks. That happened over and over again, so I thought there’s a gap in the market and I would enjoy doing something about it. So it was a natural progression from there.

What stands out in the Rock Star Baby collection?

Our signature pieces are in black and white with shades of grey. There are elements of colour accents but they’re still relevant to the initial concept. The initial focus was textiles for babies, toddlers and kids up to six years, but it’s naturally grown to include accessories such as pacifiers, baby bottles and nursery furniture and now the Birkenstock shoe collection.

Your collection is quite edgy; do you think it’s aimed more towards girls or boys?

Neither is favoured for me – I believe there are good pieces for everyone! And that’s the way it should be.

Are there any similarities between your rock star lifestyle and the baby industry?

There are always similarities in whatever you do with new developments, and new ideas. Some things do just stay the same and that’s tradition and classics – you just have to add your own twist to that and you can’t go too wrong, that goes with music and with clothing.

Although slightly older now, does your son, Hector inspire your designs, and what are his thoughts on Rock Star Baby?

I always check back with him and ask him ‘does he like it?’ if not, ‘why?’ or, ‘does he think it’s cool?’ – he’s a great critic; he just tells it like it is.

Do you find the UK, and London in particular, a family-friendly place?

So far my experience of the UK has been good. There are a great many cool places to visit and explore, even just to walk around the city is fun and interesting.

Do you think parenting has changed an awful lot in the last 10 years?

Doesn’t everything! I believe in the good old-fashioned values of family. Trends and fads of new learning concepts are great, and all need to be considered, as you never stop learning your whole life. Keeping up with technology is very important, that’s one major area that has just boomed, however, in a small child’s life, how about a real garden instead of virtual tour of it… now there’s a concept!

What does family mean to you?

Being Latin, it’s everything. It’s where you come from, your support, your history, and your love. Family is family, some good times, some not so good, but they hopefully are always there for you…✿