Q&A with Jools Oliver

Husband to chef Jamie Oliver and hands on mum to Poppy Honey, Daisy Boo, Petal Blossom Rainbow and Buddy Bear

With a bustling brood and a busy home life, last year Jools Oliver even managed to squeeze in a successful launch of her Mothercare range, Little Bird, too. We got the chance to talk with this ‘supermum’ to find out just how she does it!

Your fashion brand Little Bird well and truly exceeded expectations, why do you think in the first month it was selling an item every minute?
I think it was a combination of many things, the collection being so affordable, the press coverage leading up to, and during, the launch and social media definitely helps spread the word too – and hopefully it looks unique! I wanted to produce a collection that was accessible to all mums and I believe we have achieved that. When it launched last year I realised how much people seemed to like the collection and it’s grown from there. Customers have been really kind and I’ve had so many people tweet pictures of their little ones wearing pieces from the collection which is lovely.

Designers differ in terms of inspiration. What’s your work system, what gets you motivated?
My main inspiration for the first collection was a piece my mum gave me – a newborn night gown with a little fawn embroidered on the front. My sister and I wore it as babies, and I dressed my four children in it. I wanted that vintage feel. Then I went to LA and took in a bit of that retro look as well: sunshine and rainbows, jeans and lumberjack shirts. I like to see children looking like children so whilst designing my collection I was motivated by my childhood memories, playing outdoors and innocence.

Have you always wanted to design your own children’s products?
Children’s clothing has always been a passion of mine and the collaboration with Mothercare came at just the right time.

When dressing your little ones, and having the option of boys and girls, who do you prefer dressing?
Of course, I love dressing both, I’ve always found it more difficult to find great clothes for boys and so have my friends. So I’ve really concentrated on this in my own collection, and I hope everyone will like what I’ve done.

What with such a bustling offspring, how would you describe your parenting style?
I think I have a relaxed parenting style and we do have lots of fun as a family. Having four children makes everyday interesting and I absolutely love it. I am a natural worrier but I think that’s perfectly normal for lots of mums. All I can ask for is that the children are healthy and happy and that we spend lots of time together.

The Oliver household must be quite a busy one. What are your favourite things to do as a family?
We love spending time together on the weekends and often play in the woods near our home.

And lastly, as a fashionista yourself, what would you say will be a top trend for little ones this summer?
Look out for lovely floral prints, stripes and bright colours. Children look amazing in bright colours, which is why I have incorporated so many colours in my collection.