Product of the Month: Rockit’s Wooshh


Each month, we will be picking out our favourite products from the top mum-and-baby brands out there, available to buy now.

From buggies and bassinets to must-have pregnancy items, we’ll have all the lowdown on the best new products out there for mum and baby.

This month, our product of the month is Rockit’s Wooshh – the small but mighty sound soother.

Product of the Month: Rockit’s Wooshh

All You Need to Know About Wooshh

wooshh-product-of-monthWooshh surrounds your baby with soothing sounds wherever you go. The comforting sounds in this pocket-sized sleep aid will help to soothe baby and mask disruptive noises to help them drift off into a sound sleep, anywhere! There are 8 high quality sounds and 4 volume levels to choose from, so you can find the perfect soothing environment for your baby.

    • Versatile design allows you to stand, clip or strap it out of reach of your baby, wherever you are – inside or outside.
    • So small, it fits in any bag or even your pocket – so you can take it everywhere you go.
      Rechargeable, so no need for batteries – simply use the USB cable included to charge it.
    • 1-hour auto shutdown mode is great for daytime naps, or switch to the 10-hour all-night mode – useful for those extra tricky nights.

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The Science Behind Wooshh


Advanced music mastering techniques were used in Wooshh, to produce high-quality sounds from a small speaker. And the 8 sounds were all recorded and mixed to achieve soothing qualities.

Wooshh has two types of shushing noises, so you can pick the most effective version for your baby. It has two calming water sounds – stream or heavy rain – and womb noises to recreate the soothing environment they were in during pregnancy.

The ambient music is perfect to use as a sleep cue while you get your baby ready for bed, plus there’s a truly relaxing purring cat sound. And, lastly, Wooshh has genuine outer space noises (used with kind permission from NASA) that will transport them to the ‘Land of Nod’.

We’re confident that, with such a wide variety of noises to choose from and 4 volume levels, you’ll be able to create a perfectly calm environment for your baby – and maybe even yourself!

Wooshh is already winning awards alongside Rockit’s other sleep aid products. Nick and Matt even visited Buckingham Palace in the summer to receive two prestigious Queen’s Awards!

Why Was Wooshh Created?

Wooshh has a tiny design so you can take it everywhere

Do you ever find yourself making ‘shushing’ sounds to help settle your baby? Then, once they’re asleep, do you creep around the house in case you wake them? Do you go away for the weekend and find it harder to soothe your little one due to unfamiliar sounds and environments?

These were the reasons Nick and Matt, the two Dads behind the multi award-winning and parent favourite Rockit Rocker, came up with Wooshh – the small but mighty sound soother!

“We noticed lots of parents were struggling to find a sound soother that actually worked for them,” said Matt.

“It seemed trying to find a soother that was portable enough, yet offered a good variety of calming, high quality sounds was not easy and so we put our heads together to come up with the perfect solution.

Nick and Matt at Buckingham Palace to receive their Queen’s Award for Enterprise

“Nick has a PhD in vibration and acoustics and worked really hard to record and optimise 8 unique soothing sounds that would play in near smart speaker quality out of a tiny speaker (Wooshh is only 6cm tall!).

“Keeping the size so small makes Wooshh ideal for popping in your pocket so it can be used out and about and taken away on holiday in your hand luggage.

“We also wanted to make sure the rechargeable battery would allow the sounds to play all night as we recognised 60 minutes would not be enough for many parents.”

To find out more about Wooshh and Rockit’s full range visit RRP £24.99 (get 10% off using code BABY10).

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