The Ultimate Baby Book 2022

The Ultimate Baby Book is Back for 2022

Order The Ultimate Baby Book 2022 today for your step--by-step guide to pregnancy, birth and beyond. Updated for 2022, The Ultimate Baby Book offers expert advice and guidance to help you prepare for your new...

Perinatal Mental Health: Huggies Launches First-Ever 24/7 Free Text Support Service

Coinciding with Parents Mental Health Day on 27th January 2022, Huggies has developed the first-ever free 24/7 text support service for families struggling with perinatal mental illness, partnering with mental health support charity PANDAS. Perinatal...

The Best New Baby Brands to Have on Your Radar For 2022

We round up the best new, exciting, innovative and useful baby and parenting brands and products for both mum and baby to have on your radar for 2022. Best New Baby Brands for 2022 Whether you're...
Pregnant woman

Can Pregnant Women Have the COVID-19 Vaccine?

The third COVID-19 vaccine – also known as a 'booster' – is currently being rolled out across the UK as we continue to fight the spread of the Omicrom variant of the Coronavirus. Now,...
Exercise posture during pregnancy

6 Things you Should Know About Your Posture During Pregnancy

Hollie Grant, founder of The Bump Plan, explains the importance of good posture during pregnancy, how your posture may change and what you can do to ease tension on your body. There's no denying your...

How to Handle Being Pregnant Over the Christmas Period

Louisa van den Bergh of Lulubaby offers her top tips for celebrating the festive season while pregnant.

Celebs Share Their Raw, Honest ‘Real Birth’ Stories

Celebrities and influencers across the UK are sharing their ‘real birth’ stories to increase the conversation around the honest reality of childbirth. From cracked nipples to tearing, new research has showed that 8 out of...
Woman sleeping

What to Eat When You’re Pregnant for a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleeping during pregnancy can be easier said than done, especially when you reach those later stages – these super relaxing dietary aids will help ensure better sleep during pregnancy. Ask any expectant mother what’s been...

Adorable Christmas Baby Names and Their Meanings

As many new mums and dads prepare to welcome their own bundles of Christmas joy, we round up some of the most adorable Christmas baby names and their meanings. For many this Christmas will not...

16 of the Most Common Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Myths – Debunked With a Midwife

New mums often find themselves on the receiving end of endless advice, whether it comes unsolicited or from Dr Google. We spoke to five breastfeeding experts and midwives who debunk the most common myths...