Everything you Need to Know About Louis Theroux’s new Documentary on Postnatal Psychosis

Louis Theroux's latest documentary tackles the very important issue of postnatal mental health. Here's everything we know so far about Mothers On The Edge. It might say more about us than the man himself, but...

Everything you Need to Know About the Harmony Test

The Harmony Test: Everything you Need to Know Announcing a pregnancy is an exciting time, but there’s often concern about when to share the happy news with friends and family. Most women opt to wait...
Pregnant woman looking in mirror

How does your hair change during pregnancy?

What happens to your hair during pregnancy? We asked the team at wigs.com for their expert advice on your hair when pregnant... Will my hair get thicker when I get pregnant? Many women notice that their hair...
Flying when pregnant

Everything you need to know about flying when pregnant

Planning a babymoon overseas? Here's all the advice you need to know before flying when pregnant Is it safe to fly when pregnant? The NHS advises flying when pregnant is completely safe, and that it shouldn't...
Morning sickness

Pregnant women can now get a prescription for morning sickness

Pregnant women can now finally get a prescription for a four-times-a-day morning sickness pill in the UK. Hundreds of thousands of pregnant women in the UK can now be prescribed a pill licensed for morning...
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Why ‘eating for two’ during pregnancy could actually harm your baby

We caught up with Dr Dawn Harper from Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies, to find out how much you should be eating while pregnant... Is the myth about 'eating for two' when pregnant true or false? The...
post natal depression

The Facts About Postnatal Depression

Most mums have days when they feel really down. However, mothers who feel miserable most of the time may be suffering from postnatal depression
Pregnant woman

10 questions to ask your midwife during pregnancy

Liz Halliday, midwife at Private Midwives, advises on the questions you should ask when you become pregnant... How often do I need to see my midwife during pregnancy? Every woman and pregnancy is different, so some women...
midwife visit

10 things your midwife wants you to know

Lucy Coe, lead midwife for Midwifery Led Care at The Kensington Wing, offers her top tips on preparing for pregnancy and labour... 1. Antenatal education is key It is very important to educate yourself during your...
egg freezing

Egg freezing: How effective is it really?

More women are relying on egg freezing to preserve their fertility, but how effective is it really? Whatever your thoughts on egg freezing, there’s no denying it’s becoming increasingly popular in the UK. So much so...