How to Adapt Your Pregnancy Care to the ‘New Normal’

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We caught up with Birth Like a Boss, the membership programme covering all your pregnancy, birth and parenting needs, for some advice on how to tackle your pregnancy care during this global pandemic.

The world is a totally different place today than it was just a few short weeks ago. COVID-19 has swept the world with devastation, and caused widespread panic, anxiety and uncertainty over the future.

This is even more so for pregnant women who are currently facing very challenging times accessing personalised health care. Having to sit in car parks waiting to be called into their appointments – often without a partner or friend to support them, facing a midwife they don’t know and probably can’t see properly due to masks and gowns, making it all seem even more impersonal and strange.

Sometimes, appointments are done on the phone so access to health care advice and support is limited. Although basic maternity care is still being provided, there leaves a lot to be desired when you are trying to explore birth options or understand the latest guidance or research.

But let’s face it, antenatal appointments have never been long enough to really dig deep into your fears and worries, hopes and dreams. Coronavirus has just made everything seem far more clinical and impersonal, and the anxiety of coronavirus and what it will all mean for you overshadows the other worries and questions you may have.

Hospitals have stopped offering the same things they normally do in pregnancy and birth and that in itself is worrying and causing anxiety to many – particularly as things change daily. Women are having appointments moved and blood tests or even scans or being changed. Access to a water birth or epidural is just not guaranteed anymore, and in some areas completely off the menu.

The bottom line is that the human race has to adapt – we can’t afford to accept that what we used to have or be able to do is no longer available or never will be again. We have to adapt to our surroundings and the ‘new normal’ that will be with us for a good while yet.

We can take inspiration from the world around us and learn from other species how to adapt and change – think of a chameleon. These creatures can adapt to their surroundings and environment and do so often and with style!

Chameleons change colour to adapt to their surroundings – sometimes to blend in, sometimes to regulate their temperature and sometimes to show strength (especially in the males!) bringing their best colour-show to the fore!

chameleonThis is what we have to do now – show our strength and bring on the colour! Adapting and change can be hard but there are ways to make it work for us. We are blessed to be able to access information from all over the world just at the touch of a button (or asking Alexa). Moving into a more online and virtual focused world will absolutely become the ‘new normal’ especially in the current climate but the options available to us will be enhanced for the future so that we are even more prepared for when things like this happen again.

Never has there been a better time for us to look at the world around us and get our chameleon heads on to adapt. We are being forced to do it so let’s embrace it and make it the best change ever!

Easier said than done though right? Yeah sure, you can find information online – loads of it, that’s the problem! How do you know it’s the right information from a trusted source? How do you apply it to you and your pregnancy? The internet is a wonderful beast – but a beast it is, because you never know what you can trust and how to make it meaningful to you and your situation.

……and that’s where Birth Like a Boss can help!

Birth like a Boss transparent logoWhy Birth like a Boss was Born

So who are Birth Like a Boss anyway? Well, the company was created by two passionate midwives to ensure that women get access to the most up to date, trusted information to help them on their journey through pregnancy, birth and becoming new parents.

“We wanted to help women access this information at the right time for them at the touch of a button, and we also wanted to engage with those women as well, helping them to make sense of the information for them and their individual circumstances,” explains a representative of the brand.

Pregnancy Care Developed by Midwives

Everything on offer from advice, tips and tools, to the courses and resources has been developed and written by a team of expert midwives. Across the world midwives are seen as the very answer to normalising pregnancy and birth and in these not so normal times – you can’t ask for better than that!

Backed by Evidence

All of the courses, advice, tips and tools are backed by evidence and professional experience so that you can be confident and know you can trust them.

Community Focused Pregnancy Care

It’s so important to have a community around you when you are pregnant and with a new baby, a tribe of like-minded women that are  positive and supportive. That’s exactly what Birth Like a Boss offer – and we know you will want to stay long after your baby arrives.

Bossing your life

The pregnancy care advice, tools and resources from Birth like a Boss can have a positive impact and change your life far beyond pregnancy and birth and becoming new parents.

pregnancy-care-birth-like-a-bossWe know how hard this time is for YOU, and we also know that we have to adapt for the future.

The ‘New Normal’

So, with all that in mind Birth Like a Boss are now offering Virtual Midwife Consultations where you can spend 30 minutes talking online to one of our expert midwives about your worries and fears, hopes and dreams. They will advise you but also be able to send you resources and share the tools of the trade so that you can plan confidently for the birth you want and navigate your pregnancy journey, avoiding pitfalls and above all keeping you smiling.

These Virtual Midwife Consultations are just £39.95 for a 30 minute session, and there are bundles available for best value to really empower you to take control and boss your pregnancy care and birth.

Best of all if you sign up to the standard or advanced Membership packages, you get one of these Virtual Midwife Consultations included in the cost of your monthly membership. See things are looking better already!

Book a Virtual Midwife Consultation by heading over to the Birth Like a Boss website –

birth-like-a-boss-membershipDiscover the Birth Like a Boss Membership

Created by midwives with over 35 years of experience of working with families, helping them to find the right information that makes sense for them, and seeing the impact it has on how they birth and their transition into parenthood.

What an amazing privilege – to be part of such an important journey!  So as midwives we wanted to share this with as many women and families as possible. So Birth Like a Boss was born.

The Birth like a Boss Membership brings together all of our resources in one place, for a monthly fee which can be cancelled at any time.

What you get: 

  • All of the Birth like a Boss courses, resources and tools in one place
  • An interactive online community moderated by expert midwives
  • Virtual Midwife Consultations (part of some packages and discounted for members)
  • Expert input from midwives via Facebook live, webinars and online chat 

The benefits of being a Birth Like a Boss Member:

  • Become part of a community that supports and guides you – your own tribe!
  • Confidence in yourself and your body to be able to birth like a boss
  • Knowledge about birth and how to prepare
  • No need to keep trawling the internet for information you can’t trust or understand
  • Birth Affirmation cards, audio tracks and courses all create a positive mindset and change negative thought patterns
  • Kickstart to your parenting journey
  • Much, much more

Hands up if you want these pregnancy care benefits and more!

baby-pregnancy-careTo find out more about Birth like a Boss and the Virtual Midwife Consultations and Membership, visit their website today:

Important notice – The Birth like a Boss Membership (including virtual midwife consultations)has been established to complement your existing maternity care and  is not meant as a substitute to your medical or antenatal care and must not be used for emergency care or advice. You should still see your own health care provider and follow the agreed pattern or schedule of visits for your individual needs.

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