A Guide to Postnatal Care at Home

postnatal care at home

We’ve put together a list of at home postnatal care services and online classes, so you and your baby will never feel alone, despite the social distancing measures.

After months of waiting, your little one has finally arrived. Adjusting to life with a new born is daunting at the best of times, but doing it during lockdown may leave you feeling a little lost. Luckily, there are plenty of online courses and classes to help with postnatal care at home and get you through the first few months of Mummy-hood.

NCT Postnatal Classes Online

NCT (National Childbirth Trust) classes have long been a go-to for expecting and new mums, providing an environment to meet new people and share in your pregnancy and parenting journey. But due to the recent lockdown and new social distancing measures, the UK’s largest parenting charity has taken some of their best-loved classes and courses online. These include the Early Days course, weaning workshops and baby first aid. You can also sign up for private online one-to-one breastfeeding support, as well as the leading antenatal classes.

A Mother Place

Priding themselves on being honest, reliable, and up-to-date, A Mother Place is designed to be a best friend and platform of advice for every new parent. From understanding your post-natal period, managing your new parental anxiety, A Mother Place offers support for new parents all the way from the days leading up to the delivery and into weeks that follow. In your £35 purchase, as well as detailed videos and downloads to guide you through, you’ll also receive a copy of their bestselling postnatal book, ‘Nobody tells you…’.

Busy Lizzy

Crowned as the UK’s no.1 family club, Busy Lizzy is trusted by parents around the world to help them get back into shape, while having fun as a family. Offering weekly talks from maternity experts, individual classes, mother-and-baby workouts, and even live interactive videos released daily, Busy Lizzy’s platform for postnatal fitness is perfect for every type of mum. Whether you’re looking to get back into pilates, yoga, or aerobics, Busy Lizzy has it all.

Keen to kick-start your fitness journey? Busy Lizzy’s Online Postnatal Bootcamps are designed to burn up to 500 calories in short, sharp bursts, challenging your entire body without pushing you too far. Perfect for the mums on-the-go, and as effective as they are fun.

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Postnatal Care at Home: Postnatal Fitness Classes

postnatal-yoga-at-homeMutu System

If you’ve just given birth, you deserve the royal treatment. You also deserve a royal post-baby workout, which is exactly what Mutu System is offering. This programme, founded by maternal health expert Wendy Powell, is loved by over 68,000 women around the world, including the Duchess of Cambridge herself. Exercising your pelvic floor after giving birth is essential, and Mutu System offers a course of 12 modules, tailored for preventing incontinence, painful sex, and diastasis recti.

Now that you’ve given birth, you might feel a little lost inside your own body. Mutu System have written ’10 things nobody told you about your post-baby body’, which can help you to understand the changes that your body is going through, and how you can begin to feel like yourself again. Even better, you can download the entire book for free on their website right now!

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MoveYourFrame: Mum Hood

If you’re starting to think about getting back into shape after giving birth, there is no better way to kick-start your fitness journey than through MumHood. Designed to focus on what you can do after giving birth, and not on what you can’t, the team at Frame have created Mum Hood to provide tailored and targeted workouts for new mums who want to get back into shape. Pay just £6 up front, and you’ll receive access to a host of workouts and videos for a year, including their ‘Core Rehab’ course for new mums.

Struggling to decide which postnatal workout is right for you? Take MumHood’s online quiz to find out which exercises will suit you best as you begin your fitness journey.

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