You can now use your placenta to plant a tree

Toddler watering a tree
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There’s so much you can do with your placenta these days – from smoothies to pills, skincare and even Christmas decorations. And now, thanks to a clever innovation, you can use it to plant a tree!

A placenta – it’s the vital organ that’s helped grow your baby from a tiny fertilised egg into a full-sized infant in nine months. Sure, it’s not the most attractive of things, but its existence sure has significance.

Most placentas are discarded at the hospital, but the past decade or so has seen a growing trend of women requesting to take it home. From face creams to placenta pills and even Christmas decorations, there’s numerous companies out there who can help you put it to good use.

Plant a placenta

The latest trend to pop up from Australia is using it to create another life in the form of your very own tree. It’s all thanks to the Bios Urn, typically used for planting trees with cremated ashes to commemorate a loved one. The biodegradable cone-shaped device houses soil and space for a seed to grow in the top part. In the bottom, you can add the ashes which help the tree to grow over time.

Thanks to Happy Birth Tree, you can now do the same by using a placenta instead. Add the placenta to the capsule along with some soil, choose your planting spot and follow the instructions as listed on the website. You can grow whatever type of plant you’d like – from oak tree to rose bush to willow.

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Invented by Bryce Roberts only two years ago, he created the Bios Urn as a way to remember his beloved pet dog who had died of cancer. Bryce and his wife recently welcomed their first child, at which point he had the idea of using the placenta to mark a new life in the form of a tree.

Available for purchase for $189 AUD (roughly £107) through its Facebook page, it’d make a lovely way to mark the birth of a child, and act as a lasting memento for many years to come.

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