The new Peanut app – like Tinder for mums

peanut app

Like Tinder for mums, new app Peanut wants to connect fellow mothers and help reduce the ‘stigma’ attached to the loneliness many new (and not so new) mums experience

For all the amazing, mind-blowing and life-changing moments being a new mum brings, there are some other lifestyle adjustments that can be hard to deal with. It can be hard enough finding the time to take a shower or attend a fitness class, let alone meet new friends.

This, however, is where Peanut comes in. Launched earlier this year by tech entrepreneur Michelle Kennedy – who had previously worked on the launch of dating app Bumble – it’s already helping mums everywhere connect with other women based on common interests. The concept is simple; sign up to the app through your Facebook account, create a profile adding a pic or two and a short description, and then the clever algorithm will match you up with fellow mothers based on location and interests. You can browse the results, and swipe up to ‘wave’ and get a conversation going. You can even start group chats and sync your calendars to arrange meetups.

peanut app
Once connected, you can create groups and arrange meetups that work for everyone

Michelle decided to create the app after her own experience of motherhood didn’t quite live up to her expectations. Speaking to The Independent earlier this year, she said; ‘It’s not really okay to say “I am feeling a bit isolated” or “motherhood is not skipping and dancing on the hills so far and I am not beaming and glowing”. I felt completely inhibited by saying “actually this is really hard! or even worse ‘I am bored”.

New mum Charlotte, who recently gave birth to her first child, Noah, echoed Michelle’s comments. “I was the first one in my girl group to have a baby, and although they have been a great support and are so good with my son, when things get tough, all I want to do is talk to a fellow mum who can really understand my new life and its challenges. Peanut has been such a lifesaver in situations like these; I discovered so many new mum friends – some even just a few doors down from my house – that I wouldn’t have had the courage to approach before. It’s one of the first things I recommend when I meet anyone who’s pregnant!”

The app is free to download (because, after all, friendship doesn’t cost a thing) and isn’t limited to new mums – anyone with children up to the age of 16 can sign up. Oh, and, sorry dads, but this one is just for the ladies…