How much do parents spend on baby in the first year?

A new study reveals just how much parents spend on their new arrival

Research, commissioned by pushchair brand KOOCHI, has revealed that parents spend an average of £10k on their baby before their first birthday. Over half of this sum, £6,000, is spent before the baby is even born.

The study of over 1,500 parents found that a third had to give up holidays in order to afford a baby, and a further fourth sacrificing trips to the pub, takeaways and clothes shopping. And with a new monthly outgoing of £525 being spent every month, it’s no surprise that cutbacks are necessary for many.

The biggest expenses were pushchairs, prams, and car seats, with an average price tag of over £700. Add to that the £1,200 spent on clothes and accessories, £1,800 on a nursery, and it’s easy to see how everything adds up. When it comes to new dads, only 7% stick to the budget, with a third admitting to hugely underestimating how much a baby would cost them.

Natalie Crisp, KOOCHI brand manager comments; “It’s not surprising to see the increasing amount spent in the run up to and during a baby’s first year. The key factors to consider when buying a product are versatility, longevity and value for money, that doesn’t break the bank. While having a baby is not cheap, there are lots of ways to keep the cost down. KOOCHI prides itself on its quality and product offering, with some designed to grow with the child.”