Parents Offer to pay £100 an Hour to Tutor Their ‘Nightmare’ Children

Would you take on the job?


We’ve all heard horror stories about naughty children forcing nannies out of a job, but one family is offering to spend £100 an hour on a tutor for their ‘nightmare’ children.

A family from Birmingham is on the hunt for a numeracy and literacy tutor for their four children – and they’re offering a pretty hefty salary.

However, before you jump at the chance to bag yourself the £100-an-hour wage, it’s worth knowing that seven tutors have quit the position in the last two years.

The family are hoping to attract top talent, but have been forced to offer such a high rate owing to their children’s naughty behaviour.

Taking measures into their own hands after one tutor only lasted two weeks with the ‘troublesome’ brood, the parents posted an ad on the Tutor House website.

The advert states that the successful candidate ‘must be prepared for physical fighting, swearing and shouting’, as well as pranks that the children like to play, ‘like throwing flour and eggs’.

parents-pay-100-an-hour-tutor-nightmare-childrenThe children – girls aged 11 and five, and seven-year-old twin boys – have scared off every tutor they’ve ever had. One previous employee even branded the children ‘the devil reincarnated’.

While the generous pay packet might sound appealing (it equates to an annual salary of £62,000 based on a 12-hour working week), candidates must be willing to spend long periods of time in the house with the children on their own.

Speaking about the unusual job listing, Alex Dyer, co-founder of Tutor House said: “When we saw the advert we were stunned, it sounded like something out of Nanny McPhee, but this is always the case with twins – they are hard work!

“We have hundreds of professionals onsite who specialise in numeracy and literacy subjects, so one of them will be able to help this family out. Alternatively, if a straight-talking, stern tutor is out there and thinks they can take these children on and deliver a good level of service, please sign up and get in touch!”

Alex was also quick to reassure candidates that ‘no tutors had been hurt in the past,’ but insisted, the applicant ‘must be a strong disciplinarian that demands respect, to put the kids back in their place when they act up.’


If you know someone who could be up for the job or have Nanny McPhee on speed dial, candidates can apply for the position with the Tutor House website.

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