The Biggest Worries for Parents in 2020 Revealed


While we settle into a new year – and a new decade, no less – a survey reveals the biggest worries for parents in 2020, as new technologies and parenting trends take hold.

For many parents, particularly those welcoming new babies and with growing families, as well as a time of reflection, a new year brings with it a new list of parenting worries and trends to consider.

The new decade brings a rush of excitement and enthusiasm as we look to a future full of advances in technology and parenting practices. However, there is also a growing number of potential threats and concerns set to take hold in the years to come.

As smart technology, social media and interactive tools continue to advance and become more accessible to younger children, it’s no surprise the likes of limiting screen time and gaming feature prominently in the top parenting trends for 2020.

Similarly with the world focussing on climate change, promoting the use of eco-friendly and plastic free products is set to be a huge trend. Meanwhile, the growing threat of the anti-vaccination movement topped the list as the biggest worry for parents this year.

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10 Biggest Worries for Parents in 2020

A survey, commissioned by, asked 5,342 about their biggest parenting fears for the year ahead. The parents were asked to select their five biggest worries and here’s what they had to say (ranked by per cent of parents who selected the issue):

1. The anti-vaccination movement – 82%
2. Climate crisis – 73%
3. Bullying – 48%
4. Gaming addiction – 41%
5. Screen time – 39%
6. Racism – 34%
7. Mental health – 31%
8. Obesity – 28%
9. Social media – 23%
10. Crime – 19%

Two thirds (66%) of parents also say they feel ‘uneasy’ about their child’s social media use or the time they spend online.

When asked why they’re considering a plant-based diet for their children, 57% of parents and guardians said they feel ‘pressured’ by the media.

Speaking about the survey, Richard Conway, founder of, explained: “Parents will always worry, it comes with the territory! However, social media has opened up new parents to things they may not have been naturally concerned about pre-internet, and that’s been shown in these results. As we all know, the last twelve months have been a strange one full of ups and downs for parents, however hopefully next year is slightly more stable! I’m excited to see what the next year brings.”

Top 10 Parenting Trends 2020

The survey also revealed the top parenting trends set to take hold for mums, dads and guardians in 2020.

1. Limiting social media use / screen time – 64%
2. Dismantling gender norms – 57%
3. Plant-based diets – 43%
4. Family volunteering – 33%
5. Homeschooling – 27%
6. Plastic-free parties – 23%
7. Limiting gaming time – 19%
8. Opening savings accounts – 15%
9. Eco-friendly products – 12%
10. Gender reveal parties – 8%

“Every year it’s interesting to see how things change in terms of trends and worries within the parenting sphere, however after a turbulent year it’s clear that the happenings of the outside world have had an influence on parents’ views on what is to come going into 2020,” Mr Conway added.

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