Paloma Faith on the real struggles of motherhood

Credit: Instagram @palomafaith

Paloma Faith has opened up about her parenting style and the real-life struggles of motherhood…

Speaking on the We Are Women podcast from Mint Velvet, which covers the joys, frustrations, challenges and triumphs of being a woman, and how to embrace it in our ever-changing world, Paloma Faith spoke to podcast host Viv Groskop about how she battles with protecting her baby’s privacy and why – at times – motherhood is ‘hell’.

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“I feel more powerful since becoming a mother, and more capable than I’ve ever felt,” says Paloma. “I’ve done shows on two hours sleep, I’ve done shows with tonsillitis – things I would never have done before. I’ve decided to just get on with it and not let these obstacles get in the way of my job.”

Paloma Faith gave birth to her first child in December of 2016 with her long-term boyfriend Leyman Lahcine. She has however never revealed the child’s name or gender, which she says is for privacy reasons.

“I found it difficult becoming a mother and my decision to keep my child completely out of the public eye. You don’t know what a child is going to become so it’s not up to a parent to decide – they might be introverted and not want any attention at all. It’s not for me to make that decision before they’re old enough to make it themselves.”

Paloma opens up about how, at times, she has struggled with the immense responsibilities that motherhood presents.

“The first time I came back to work and did interviews was after five and a half months. People would ask ‘How is it?’, and I said ‘Hell!’ – they were really uncomfortable and shocked that somebody would say that. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never felt love like this but it’s probably the worst decision I’ve ever made. But then I feel so good about it now that I want to do it again of course, which is why we’re insane!”

She goes on to discuss the pressures felt by new mothers to get back to their ‘pre-baby best’, and how even how walking in public is an entirely different experience when you’re with your child.

“I did feel a pressure… I don’t think it came from anyone in particular but it’s more complex that that. In the early stages of motherhood you do feel very invisible – the jump between walking down the street before and being acknowledged and sometimes even wolf-whistled at just suddenly stops. If you’re famous they don’t even realise it’s you because you look so terrible! I’m definitely not as skinny as I was, but the amount of sacrifice to be half a stone lighter is way more than if I just ate what I wanted.”

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