Paloma Faith releases Christmas song in support of UK midwives

Paloma Faith

Paloma Faith has teamed up with Pampers to release a Christmas single in celebration of midwives in the UK

Christmas is a wonderful time to help those in need, which is why we’re loving Paloma Faith’s new festive single released in support of the nation’s midwives.

The singer and mum-of-one has recorded a rendition of Silent Night as part of Pampers’ #ThankYouMidwife campaign, which aims to champion those delivering babies throughout the Christmas period.

The single, which was released at midnight on 30 November, will also be raising money for The Royal College of Midwives Benevolent Fund, as Pampers has agreed to donate £1 to the charity for every download.

72 per cent of babies are born outside of normal working hours – with 4am being the peak time for births – which means midwives in the UK are expected to continue working exceptionally hard over the festive break.

And as one in three midwives in the UK is reported to feel undervalued in their job, it’s hoped the Christmas single will help them to feel more appreciated for the work they do.

Paloma Faith Christmas song

Alongside Paloma Faith, the rendition of Silent Night also features an appearance from the Pampers #ThankYouMidwife choir, including parenting influencers Clemmie Hooper, Georgia Jones, Natalie Lee from Style Me Sunday, and Candice Braithwaite.

Paloma has also spoken out about her appreciation for midwives, following the traumatic birth of her baby in December 2016.

“I am so thankful to my midwives for the uncompromised care and support they gave me and my baby, which is why I jumped at the chance to be involved in Pampers’ #ThankYouMidwife campaign,”

“I had a long, difficult labour, but the midwives were there every step of the way. They supported me through a 20-hour labour, working all through the night. I wasn’t dilating, the baby was in jeopardy and I had to have an emergency c-section,”

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“I can never thank the midwives at University College Hospital in London enough for the way they looked after me,” she adds. “I know they are doing the same for thousands of other mums and babies across the country, and for that, they should be celebrated.”

Paloma Faith Christmas singleParents on social media can also share their love and appreciation for their midwives by sharing their own stories, and tagging Pampers and #ThankYouMidwife.

Plus, for every 1,000 public shares of #ThankYouMidwife posts on social media, Pampers will contribute to midwife staffroom makeovers in hospitals across the UK.

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