Teething Jewellery Mama And Baby Will Love


It can be tough when your baby is teething. For some, their teeth come through without any trouble at all, but others can really suffer, with red, swollen gums and an irritable mood. Not a great situation for you or your little one.

However, there are plenty of ways you can help them battle through the pain. We’ve all heard of teething gels, and you’ve probably got a teething ring or two, but how about a teething solution that you can actually wear? Teething jewellery is a really practical way to help soothe baby’s sore gums on the go. And yes, believe it or not, some pieces can actually be quite stylish.

Organic Mama is a case in point. Alongside swaddle blankets and childrenswear, the online retailer specialises in handmade jewellery for stylish mothers everywhere, from bright silicone bangles to wooden beaded necklaces. Whether you’re after some colour, or something a bit pared back, there’s plenty to choose from. And, as the name would suggest, everything they sell is 100% organic in every way. Any silicone used in the jewellery is non-toxic, lead-, PVC- and BPA-free.

Our favourites? We love the bright geometrical beads of the Elle necklace (above), and love the double-layered Boho style too (top).

And, this time around, there’s a significant advantage to being so fashionable; teething necklaces have been proven to ease sore gums, increase focus whilst breastfeeding and promote tactile awareness in baby. Whether they want to play with it, or just sit back and admire the colours, it’s sure to stimulate their attention.

If, over time, your necklace starts to look a bit grubby with all that gnawing, it can easily be washed in warm soapy water, and even sterilised to ensure baby picks up nothing nasty. And, as long as baby isn’t happily chewing away, no-one will know the dual functions of your gorgeous jewellery!

Necklaces start at a very friendly £10.99, with custom designs available on request.

Please note, these are for Mama to wear rather than baby, and must not be left unattended with your little one.