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What you eat while pregnant can positively influence your baby’s future health

Of course, you want to eat healthily and keep yourself well, but sometimes, you can’t resist a little bit of what you fancy.

Those little bits of heaven might not be the best thing for you and your baby, so what are the alternatives?

The new nutrimum range, launched in Boots stores, and on today, might just be the answer. “nutrimum was inspired by the science of early life to create a delicious range of muesli and cereal bars fortified with key nutrients to help pregnant and breastfeeding women positively influence their baby’s future health,” says Charlotte Hemmings from Nutricia Early Life Nutrition.

The new range has been specifically developed for you and your nine-month transition. Each cereal bar contains 400μg of folic acid – the recommended daily intake for women during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, omega 3, vitamin D to help maintain normal bones, iron to support blood formation and the function of the immune system, and iodine. It might sound like a bit of a mouthful, but just know these bars have every little bit that you need to keep healthy during the mad nine months, and after as your breastfeed your little one.

Better still, the range comes in tasty flavours. The cereal bars come in cranberry & chocolate or raisin & chocolate varieties, while the muesli sachets – perfect for making yourself – are fruity. There’s a strawberry crunch muesli, a honey & nut crunch muesli, and red berries flavour.

New research reveals that many women are missing some of these key nutrients. 72 per cent of women surveyed do not eat oily fish, a great source of omega 3, and fewer than half take folic acid during pregnancy.

“Maternal nutrition plays a crucial role in safeguarding a baby’s future health,” Lucy Jones, specialist dietician at Spire Gatwick Park Hospital explains. “Eating well and incorporating specific nutrients during pregnancy and breastfeeding, especially during the 1000 days from conception to toddlerhood can and will positively influence the future health of your baby.”

You heard it ladies, make sure you’re eating all the right things for you and your little one. But don’t forget to treat yourselves too, from time to time. It’s the little things.

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