Nursery feng shui

Create a peaceful environment for your little one with the right palette. We love the natural tones available from Camomile London

Louise Pyne discovers how to create a healthy and harmonious environment for your baby in five easy steps

A cosy refuge for feeding, playing and sleeping – your baby’s nursery needs to fulfil multiple roles, so it makes sense to maximise its potential as best you can. A happy environment naturally equals a happier child, so by better understanding the dynamics of a living space you can start to create a welcoming retreat of peace and calm for your little bundle of joy.

Cue feng shui. This ancient Chinese art is all about putting strategic measures in place to ensure that energy flows freely through its surroundings. “The function of feng shui is to design the best and healthiest bedroom for babies so they can grow up healthy, intelligent and happy,” explains feng shui consultant Jan Cisek of Feng Shui London. Here, we’ve rounded up the ultimate tips to create a haven of yin and yang for your child.

Natural wooden cots, like this one from Piccoli & Co, should be placed against a wall for soothing support
  1. Colour them happy

Colours naturally influence our mood, so it makes sense to adapt a colour scheme to suit your baby’s needs. “Colours should be used as a background prop and should be more calming than stimulating, for example, light apple green works better than a bright, grassy green. At the same time, warm and nourishing pastels can work well as they are not too overwhelming,” advises Jan. We like Tunsgate Green and Cooking Apple Green from Farrow & Ball.

2. Sweet dreams 

Placement of the cot is the most important aspect of feng shui for a child’s bedroom, because if your baby sleeps well, they will thrive. “The best place is away from the door and window, and with the support of a wall. Foam mattresses and wooden cots are best, since they won’t attract electrostress (so, no metal spring mattress or metal cots). Never place the baby monitors too near the cot as these create electromagnetic pollution,” says Jan.

3. Picture perfect

Displaying family photos in your baby’s nursery helps create an environment of love and offers an anchor of belonging. “Photos will help your baby to develop a sense of identity and self-esteem in due course, and photos of babies doing things, having fun and learning new skills will naturally boost their serotonin levels,” explains Jan

 4. Touch and feel

Natural fabrics can help to create a nourishing environment where you baby feels safe. “Use warm and soft organic rugs and vibrant, rich stimulating objects to boost the senses. Personalisation of their rooms is important, and even small babies have preferences,” maintains Jan. We love the idea that babies are interiors experts from the word go!

5. Centre point

Creating a focal point in the centre of the room will provide a natural sense of equilibrium. “Instead of hanging a mobile above the cot, hang it in the centre of the ceiling so that when the baby lies down their attention is drawn to the centre of the room,” advises Jan.