Mindful Manufacturing: Nuna’s Baby Gear Puts Safety At the Forefront


Nuna strive towards one goal: making things safe for baby. Nuna’s products are better for the environment, through intensive research, product development and sourcing – and their entire car seat range is naturally flame resistant.

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Nuna keep little ones and parents away from any potentially harmful substances by going above and beyond the necessary standards, and the industry-leading brand made the choice to offer an entire line of flame-resistant car seats.

Entirely Flame-Resistant Car Seats

Nuna-car-seatNuna offers an entirely non-toxic car seat line made with fire-retardant free, naturally flame-resistant materials; all car seats in the UK market must meet flammability requirements and fire retardant chemicals can be applied to fabrics in order to meet these performance standards.

Nuna take sourcing seriously and do not add any fire-retardant chemicals, including harmful tris and halogenated FR chemicals. From fabric, to foam and beyond, they only use high-end materials that have inherent flame-resistant qualities that meet UK flammability requirements, making them safer for children including merino wool, providing the perfect mix of performance, comfort and beauty.

Fabric That’s Better for Baby

Nuna-car-seatObtaining exclusively FR-free materials is no easy task, especially when it comes to fabrics, and Nuna take into consideration the practicality of the fabric based on where it will be used on the seat, such as the sections that baby touches that need lightweight fabrics that will be soft and comfy, while other areas of the seat require durable fabrics.

The fabric team had to do a bit of trailblazing because searching for FR-free materials means taking a step further than the status quo of the industry standard, staying true to Nuna’s commitment to craft gear that is better for baby.

Nuna don’t want parents to have to decide between their child’s exposure to harmful chemicals and the safest car seat with features that will make their life easier.

Sometimes it’s good to be picky, especially when it comes to children’s health – that’s why materials used in all Nuna car seats are FR-free.

Available in ten models, the Nuna range of non-toxic car seats offer safety and comfort with style. Find out more and shop now.

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