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TODL next car seat
The TODL next from Nuna


People becoming parents are often faced with a series of choices, particularly how to transport their precious child safely and easily. The new NEXT system – designed by premium baby brand Nuna – provides one base and four compatible car seats. Designed to grow with families, it offers premium protection, flexibility and mobility, so time can be spent on what matters most – making happy memories. 

A car seat is arguably among the most important purchases a parent will make. It is a must-have product that will be used to transport baby from hospital, to car, to home, and beyond. Therefore, it must meet certain criteria. It must first and foremost suit the baby; keeping them snug and supported, whilst providing the highest levels of protection. Second, it must meet the needs of parents and grandparents alike in terms of ease of installation, transportation, longevity and adaptability.

Introducing the NEXT System

The new NEXT system from Nuna offers parents more safety and flexibility with car seats than ever before. The modular system features one base and four compatible car seats. It’s designed to grow with families, offering ultimate flexibility with four solutions for the first four years. The BASE next™ is a 360-degree rotating base and the foundation of the NEXT system. Access to baby can be challenging depending on the make and model of the vehicle. 360-degree rotation makes access much more straightforward for baby and parents. It’s compatible with CARI next, a carry cot car seat; PIPA next, a versatile infant car seat; ARRA next, a lie-flat infant car seat; and TODL next, a sleek seat that grows with baby from newborn to toddler. Parents can be rest assured that their babies will be cocooned in comfort and protection from birth through to toddlerhood.

NEXT System Base
BASE next

The flexible and convenient BASE next ensures that all compatible car seats are installed correctly for premium protection on every journey. True lock base installation technology means that installing the base is swift, simple, and secure – no second guessing. Coloured indication bars confirm correct installation of both the base and car seat, giving parents peace of mind. The 360-degree rotation feature makes connecting the car seat a breeze and allows for forward and rearward driving depending on the car seat used.

Children should travel rearward facing for as long as possible, or at least up to the age of 15 months as required by law, although rearward facing driving is encouraged up to the age of four. This is because the vast majority of accidents occur head on. A rearward-facing car seat has the advantage of absorbing the energy from a collision, rather than the baby’s fragile head, neck, and spine and is therefore up to five-times safer than forward facing seats. i-Size car seats are very popular, and i-Size was introduced to make car seats safer, easier to fit, and keep children travelling rearward facing for longer. All components of the NEXT system are i-Sized approved.

The CARI next

CARI next
The CARI next

The star of the NEXT system is the CARI next. This i-Size carry cot car seat allows babies to travel while fully reclined – the best position for a developing spine and oxygen consumption. The CARI next can be used across a range of Nuna strollers, meaning baby will be in the best position from home to car and beyond whilst connected to the stroller. In addition, the new ARRA next offers babies three recline positions in rearward facing, up to 157-degrees, again supporting the developing spine.

The NEXT system offers families safer, more practical car seats that can be used for years to come, utilising the same base. The average car seat weighs anywhere between four to nine kilograms, and with baby inside, will be even heavier, which is often just not practical, especially for new mothers. The popular PIPA next is one of the lightest car seats on the market, weighing just 2.8 kilograms. It’s super easy to tote around and is TUV aircraft certified, so travelling with baby has never been easier. In addition, the ARRA next flat reclining seat is also lighter than most, coming in at just 3.5 kilograms.

ARRA next
The ARRA next

Inevitably, the time will come when babies outgrow the car seat. This will be the case when the child reaches the maximum weight allowance for the seat or when their head is level with the top of the seat – whichever comes first. Nuna’s new TODL next is suitable for use from newborn up to four years old and supports rearward facing. It offers five recline positions and a shoulder harness that expands with the headrest, easily adjusting to accommodate growing children.  Including a deep recline of 147-degrees that provides comfort and support for little one.

Each and every baby is different, but one thing remains the same – their need to be transported safely and comfortably. The NEXT system from Nuna offers this to parents and little ones for their first four years of adventures.

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