Nuna MYTI Car Seat Review


One mother-of-two road tests the Nuna MYTI car seat in our latest baby gear review.

Choosing a car seat for your baby is not always a simple task. Like all baby and toddler kit, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to investing your money and ensuring the equipment is as safe and comfortable for your baby as possible. We put the Nuna MYTI to the test in the latest of our real mum reviews, as Katie Barry trials the car seat with the youngest of her two daughters.

Nuna MYTI Specifications

  • Group 1/2/3 I-Size seat
  • Five point no re-thread harness stores within the seat when used as a booster
  • True lock™ base installation with nine position ISOFIX anchors
  • Coloured indicators on ISOFIX connectors
  • All over side impact protection
  • Ventilation panels on the seat for air flow
  • Removable body insert

Nuna-myti-toddler-seatNuna MYTI Review

With two little madams demanding my full attention, finding time to research and shop for the latest equipment and products can be hard to find. I’d heard a lot about Nuna’s collection of car seats and with our youngest daughter having outgrown her baby car seat, we jumped at the opportunity to road test the Nuna MYTI.

The Look

At first glance, it’s clear to see why the Nuna car seats are hit with the celebs, even the Kardashians are said to be fans when it comes to kitting out their brood. With a sleek palette of greys and all the elements of functional, yet stylish Dutch design shining through, the Nuna MYTI is definitely not an eye-sore.

The quilted detail on the backrest and side panelling add a ‘high end’ feel while cleverly covering the heavily padded sections of the car seat, designed to for optimum comfort.

Despite being suitable for little ones from around 15 months, the Nuna MYTI looks grown up, which is just as well as it’s claimed to last for children up to age 12 (although I do think it would be a snug fit for bigger kids – even with the extra support taken out).



As I touched on earlier, the Nuna MYTI is heavily padded for extra comfort, thanks to foam layers on the base, sides, straps and the adjustable head rest. At almost three – and big for her age – my little one sat very comfortable in the seat, adjusted to her size and weight. However, for extra comfort and the tiniest of travellers, there is a an extra body support component that can be added to the MYTI, and removed as your little one gets bigger.

The forward facing car seat sits high and upright on the back seats and boasts a handy neck support – thanks to it’s premium i-Size protection –  to make long journeys and snoozes as comfortable as possible.

The straps are also thick and come with a padded cover to avoid any harsh edges or friction from causing your child discomfort on the road.


While all this extra padding certainly puts my mind at rest and the car seat feels sturdy and robust, it comes at a cost. Both financially and physically. The Nuna MYTI is heavy – weighing over 13KG to start with. Despite being used to picking up kicking toddlers, I have to admit this car seat is not the easiest to carry around.

However, owing to it’s nature of growing with your child, I can’t imagine having to take it out and lug it around any time soon. Car seats remain a permanent fixture in our car – much to the annoyance of guest passengers.

In terms of setting up the Nuna MYTI car seat, the process was simple enough. As with any Isofix seat, although much easier than the alternative, initially putting the seat and base together was a little fiddly. But the colour coded indicators made the steps to ensuring a proper installation as easy as possible to follow.

After mastering the installation, next came adjusting the seat and straps to fit our little one. Although neat and compact, the integrated harness proved a little bit tricky to adjust, but ones we’d figured it out, it passed all the safety test and felt comfortable and, most importantly, secure. She drifted off about 10 minutes into the journey, so it’s clearly a winner on the that front.

The Nuna MYTI costs £275. 

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