News: New Mums Make Smart Connections


Being a new mum is an amazing life-changing experience unlike any other, bringing rewards and challenges in equal measure. But while a new baby opens a new world to mums and dads, a lifeline to the outside world – whether that’s a chatr with old friends and family or reading the latest headlines – is essential to keep new parents in the loop despite their busy new schedule.

Increasingly, social media and technology is the medium of choice for staying connected. A new survey by WaterWipes launched today reveals that more than half of new mums (55 per cent) in the UK turn to their mobile device as a lifeline to the outside world. In the early days of motherhood, it ensures they keep in touch with other new mums, friends and family, and helps to prevent the pitfalls of loneliness as a first-time parent.

[quote_box_right]  WaterWipes survey revealed new mums use mobile devices most frequently to:

  • Keep in touch (55%)
  • Social media (18%)
  • Research (15%)
  • Shopping (11%)
  • Talk on forums (1%)


One in five new mums say their mobile device helps brings them closer to others, no matter how busy they are with their new baby.

We have become aware of how today’s digitally native “do it all” mums are using their mobile device for research, shopping and social media, but it appears that millennial mums have reached a new milestone. They’re getting smart about the importance of staying in touch with the outside world to avoid social isolation, and mobile devices are the perfect answer..

According to social media expert Zoe Cairns: “The journey into motherhood drives profound social changes for new mums especially when they are adjusting to their new lives and role as a first time parent.

WaterWipes-Baby-Wipes-(1)“Any new mum will tell you, it’s almost impossible to have two hands free at any one time. One hand is holding the baby and the other hand has her smart phone. Experts believe new mums have at least 10 extra hours a day of household chores once baby is born, and the smart phone has become an important tool to empower new mums to communicate, get advice from other mums, share, find information, or just take a break.”