News: Exercise When Expecting

It’s a no-brainer: exercise is good for us and, yes, even during pregnancy. Exercising when you’re expecting reduces the risk of diabetes, minimises weight gain and cuts the chance of complications during labour. There is even evidence it could make your baby brainier.

But we all know that sometimes working out can be easier said than done. New research from Mentholatum, creators of the Deep Freeze pain relief patches, shows that more than a third of women cut back on exercise during pregnancy and it’s often for the wrong reasons.

The study shows that the main reasons pregnant women avoid exercise were back pain (20%), lack of energy (50%) and fear that exercise would hurt their baby (16%). Ironically, research shows that working out can help combat back pain and fatigue, as well as providing both physical and cognitive benefits for your baby.

Tellingly, not one of the 1,000 women interviewed said their doctor or midwife had told them to rest during pregnancy.

In fact, the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists advises: “All women should be encouraged to participate in aerobic and strength-conditioning exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle during their pregnancy.”

Women’s health guru and mum of two, Catherine Hood, says: “Of course, there are some medical conditions which will require medical supervision, but for the vast majority of women the benefits of exercising during pregnancy far outweigh the risks.

“It makes sense to think twice about high-impact activities and avoid contact sports when you’re pregnant, but there are plenty of activities such as swimming, yoga and power-walking which will provide an effective and low-risk work-out.”[quote_right]
Medical conditions that may make it unsafe to exercise include:
Heart disease
Incompetent cervix
Pre-eclampsia and/or pregnancy induced hypertension
Persistent bleeding in the second or third trimester
Placenta previa
Multiple pregnancy


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