News: Most Googled Baby Questions


Google has revealed what mothers search for most online – and the results make interesting reading.

The UK’s most searched parenting question this year was “When do babies start teething?”, followed by “When do babies crawl?” and “What will my baby look like?”

Teething may top British parents’ concerns today but in 2005, the question didn’t even make the top ten when “When is my baby due?” was the most searched question. This year, in London, most pressing question was “When do babies crawl.” In France, the top question was “How to make a baby?” with teething coming in second. Back in the UK, Ipswich in Suffolk was the place with the most questions about breastfeeding.

The overall results reveal that new mothers ask significantly different questions depending on decade, location and country.



[quote_box_right] Top questions on babies in the UK, 2005

1. When is my baby due?
2. How to make a baby?
3. What sex is my baby?
4. How to get pregnant?
5. Where do babies come from?
6. How to look after a baby?
7. How to bath a baby?
8. What will my baby look like?
9. How to conceive a baby girl?
10. What do names mean?


In response to how modern-day mothers seek guidance and their diverse needs, the Google team have developed an app to give them right information as quickly as possible. The phone app works through the use of informative ‘cards’, which can also highlight important dates and appointments and link to a favourite blog or website.

Laurian Clemence, of Google UK, said: “These search trends give us an idea of what new mothers need at very specific times. Being able to find tips easily, while freeing up their hands and saving their time is paramount to us, and this is where we can help. The Google app helps to makes finding the information they need much easier.”

Elizabeth Duff, senior policy advisor, NCT, said: “New parents benefit enormously from technology that can free up their hands and time. When preparing for parenthood, technology is often overlooked. NCT is delighted to see Google develop technology that keeps new parents in mind and helps make the first 1,000 days of pregnancy and parenthood a little easier.”

Baby London takes a closer look at teething trouble in the latest issue which hits the shops on Friday 16 October.