Neev Spencer’s All Things Motherhood: Gender Reveal Party


Welcome to the Neev Spencer column. Each month, DJ and presenter Neev shares her latest adventures in motherhood. This month Neev shares details of her baby shower and gender reveal party.

Hello there, welcome to the third instalment of the Neev Spencer Column! Exciting news, my little one is here safe and sound thankfully, and I’m now looking back at my 9th month of pregnancy.

I finally gave up work at the radio station and enjoyed some lazier days of nesting and quality time with my little girl Genevieve.

Most exciting of all I revealed that I’m having another girl at my baby shower/gender reveal party – which was an afternoon made of dreams! I had a magical Garden of Paradise-themed party arranged by Anisha Vasani, Creative Stylist and Planner.

neev-spencer-column-baby-showerThe party was held it at a wonderful children’s club called Maggie & Rose so that my daughter (who’s birthday is days away from my due date) could also celebrate. I think it’s so important to keep her as involved and made to feel like the focus of our attention for as long as possible.

The party started with pink drinks by Mirabeau Wine and canapés on the roof garden, which had been decorated in balloons by Balloonista. We were treated to some lovely sunshine and it was the perfect start to the day.

neev-spencer-column-mirabeau-wineWe then moved down to the Marquee area for the second part of the day, there was also double decker bus for the children to play and eat in. We were greeted with freshly made lilac candy floss by Sweet Butterfly UK and sat down to play cute baby shower games like ‘guess the bump size’ as my guests made sweet wishes for my baby to be captured by a live calligrapher, Calligraphy Payal, and hung on a wishing tree.

The venue provided a brilliant entertainer Qita Iseley who kept the 15 children busy and happy throughout the event. After the big gender reveal balloon popping, cutting the stunning cake from Maya Dahlia Cakes and countless posing with friends in front of the breathtaking flower wall by Blossoms in Bloom London, we finished off the afternoon enjoying a delicious closet of sweet treats by Sugar Box Events.

neev-spencer-column-baby-showerI truly felt like the luckiest girl in the world and what a way to celebrate my daughter’s 3rd birthday and shower our baby-to-be. My friend, photographer Marc Bates, captured the whole day and it was simply perfect.

I wore a maternity dress by Tiffany Rose and had silk flower jewellery to match made by Harpreet the Florist. Genevieve wore the cutest dress by Rachel Riley UK with a matching bow in her hair.

In other news, all the yoga and osteopathy sessions have payed off. They really helped me maintain a good body balance and prepare for  the big day.

Next month I’ll be chatting to a renowned psychologist Dimitrios Tsivrikos about pre birth anxiety and learning about Chinese medicine and acupuncture with Maureen Cromley in preparation for birth. See you then and don’t forget to follow me on socials too @neevofficial.

Neev’s Top Pick

Better You Magnesium Sleep Lotion

BUY NOW from Amazonbetter-you-magnesium-sleep-lotion

The one product I haven’t been able to do without last month was the Better You Magnesium Sleep Lotion.

I have had the worst cramps this last few weeks always in the middle of the night and have spent hours pacing trying to calm the cramps in my legs down. As well as upping my Magnesium intake in food and tablets (be careful to stick to the guidelines for pregnancy) I found this product. Massaging into the body before sleep seems to have really worked and it’s even made my ever so irritating restless legs subside.

Neev Spencer’s All Things Motherhood: 8 Months Pregnant

Welcome to the second instalment of the Neev Spencer column, I hope you’re all enjoying this glorious weather we finally get to bask in. My ever-growing bump and I are in our 8th month of pregnancy and suddenly time seems to have stood still.  

This last leg of the journey takes so much patience. You eagerly await the arrival of your precious miracle and wonder what will they look like? What will they be like? How will the birth go? So many questions seem to spiral around as you lie awake at night.

My body is in a really uncomfortable place already so I decided to investigate natural methods to try and combat the aches and pains but also help my jumbled mind.  

As someone who’s never practiced meditation before, I needed someone with a great deal of experience to help me on this new journey. I found a brilliant lady called Kiki Felipe she has with 20 years experience in yoga meditation, is a nutritional therapist and a mum of 3.

Kiki has been helping me create a lot of calm in my mind and space in the body. I also noticed that my left leg was starting to have a lot of shooting pain and getting up and down from the sofa or out of bed for my 10th trip to the loo was becoming increasingly painful.

I’ve found a really fantastic Osteopath, Kam Panesar, from the London Osteopathic Care.  Kam is highly qualified in working with Pre & Postnatal Women. She’s been helping me with the movement of my pelvis and lower back not only relieving the leg pain but also preparing me for labour. The combined expertise of both of these ladies has helped me so much and if you’re struggling with any of these aches and pains, look up a high-rated practitioner.  

The lack of sleep I’m suffering at the moment is affecting my skin and I’ve seen it look more washed out then it’s been in the last 6 months.

I’m loving Weleda’s Skin Food range. It hydrates the skin like a light mask that lasts all day and Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Away Concealer is great for my new under eye bags.  I’m currently still working, so I’m feeling that pressure to look the part daily. A great beauty regime is defo helping.

neev-spencer-column-twoWe are now preparing Genevieve, my nearly-3-year-old, for her new ‘big girl’ status and have been successfully potty training her! She’s done so incredibly well and took to it quicker than imagined. We used a prize system, lots of encouragement and even some friendly poo toys to get there – and in just four weeks she is completely potty trained.

It’s just such a relief to have a big tick next to such a challenging and important milestone. I just wish we had started this earlier because life is so much easier and involves a lot less lifting for me. My tip is to do it ASAP. If you have a toddler aged two and above, it’s better tackled before a baby sibling takes up so much of your focus.

Genevieve now feels so grown up she has moved into a toddler bed and seems to be coping really well with her new found independence.

Neev’s Top Picks

Weleda Skin Food


This nourishing skincare treatment hydrates my skin and works like a light mask lasting all day.

Skin Food, £7.95. Weleda

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Concealer


Magic Away Liquid Concealer £24. Charlotte Tilbury 

See you next month for all my pre-birth tips and tricks. Follow me on socials too @neevofficial. 

Neev Spencer’s All Things Motherhood: Babymooning 

First up, Neev talks babymoons and brings us her top picks from the worlds of beauty and baby.

Hi there, welcome to my new online column! I hope you’re enjoying this glorious time of year. I have just returned from a week’s babymoon in Tenerife which was absolute pure bliss.  

We stayed at the family-friendly Luxury Ritz Carlton Resort and I wish I could turn back time and do it all over again. Our last family break just the 3 of us was so memorable.

As I go into my 7th month of pregnancy I’m relishing in the time I have with my daughter Genevieve, I feel everything is going to change soon and I’m trying to make sure I give her as much of my time as I can.

Genevieve enjoying the sun in Tenerife.

A few things really got us through our travels this month. The Silver Cross Jet lightweight buggy was great for the airports & sleepy toddler moments. It easily folds into aircraft overhead locker cabin size so takes away that hassle of trying to check in the buggy or wait for it to be placed in the hold.

The heat is really messing with my body at the moment, I found using cooling gels and non-tight maternity wear so helpful.  I loved the Asos Maternity range for all my posey babymoon shots and Tiffany Rose for the dinner time dress-ups and stylish day wear.

Toddler fashion wise M & Co do the cutest summer wear and it’s really affordable. For something a bit more special Rachel Riley has the dreamiest dresses for little girls.

Convenience is everything for me right now so our new Toyota Magenta Aygo town car has been a total godsend for all the local nursery trips and supermarkets runs. With the new car arriving I decided to change my little girl’s car seat so her old one could be put aside for the new baby.

Toyota Aygo

After much research I went for a Mothercare Exclusive,  the Joie Every Stage 123 fx. It’s always important with something like car safety to go to a renowned brand like Mothercare that have rated the various seats so you can really investigate what suits your needs.  

That pesky pregnancy insomnia and evening achiness has now kicked in. I’m going to up my weekly pregnancy yoga at Yoga West with Rebecca Tieken to try and relieve my body and mind of some of these new stresses.  

In the meantime, however, the Bloom & Blossom Night Time Ritual Trio has been working wonders. Taking a lukewarm bath before bed and using the products have definitely helped me and bump ease off into a better slumber.

I’ve also been using their Toddler range as Genevieve has started experiencing nightmares for the first time. I love their Roald Dahl range for kids and our new bedtime ritual of ‘banishing bad dreams’ with the help of their ‘magic’ Dream Catchers Pillow Spray is really working!

Neev’s Top Picks

Bloom & Blossom Night Time Ritual


My new night time routine! I take a lukewarm bath before bed then use Bloom and Blossom Night-Time Ritual Trio. It has definitely helped me and bump to ease into a better slumber.

Sleep Night-Time Ritual Trio, £24,

Silver Cross Jet Stroller 

silvercross-jet-strollerSilver Cross Jet Stroller, £225. Buy now from John Lewis.

Joie Every Stage

Every Stage FX car seatJoie Every Stage Car Seat, £240. Buy now from Mothercare.

Rachel Riley Dresses for Girls


Flamingo Jersey Dress, £45. 

See you next month and in the meantime check out my mid-morning radio show on KissFM. Follow me @neevofficial on Instagram and Twitter, too!

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