Need to know: The new flushable pregnancy test

One brand is about to revolutionise reproductive healthcare with the launch of the world’s first biodegradable, flushable pregnancy test

Lia was cleared by the FDA last week and is set to go on sale by mid-2018, offering a more sustainable option for women to find out whether or not they’re expecting. And though it’s the first of its kind, it promises to be 99% accurate (the same as standard pregnancy tests) and works in the exact same way as any other at-home pregnancy test.

Thirty years since the original pregnancy test was launched, the new design – which looks more like a pantyliner than a pregnancy test – is the result of years of research by the all-female Lia team that combines a desire for discretion with sustainable materials. It’s made of the same natural plant fibres as most toilet paper and weighs less than six squares, is designed to absorb liquid for long enough to take the test but, when flushed, will dissolve. And unlike many other eco-friendly developments in healthcare, it won’t be pricey; they are currently rumoured to be sold for somewhere between $9 (£6.70) and $22 (£16.40) and will be available on Amazon.

“1987 brought us the first cell phone, the boombox, the Apple PC and the at-home pregnancy test. It’s been 30 years since 1987, and these revolutionary innovations have all advanced significantly – except for one: the at-home pregnancy test,” says co-founder and chief executive officer Bethany Edwards. “It’s the same stiff, plastic relic highlighted in movies for its lack of privacy. Worse yet, they are bulky, expensive and add two million pounds of plastic and digital waste to US landfills every year,” she adds.

In addition, the team are also turning their attention to women in need around the world, by donating Lia pregnancy tests to worldwide women’s health organisations, as well as monetary donations to health education.

It’s a game-changer, ladies. And we like it.

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