5 Ways a Natural Wool Mattress & Bedding Can Help You & Your Little One Sleep


Sleep tips are always the most-asked questions for parents, whether it’s getting your little ones to sleep, keeping them at the right temperature, getting them to stay in bed or sleeping through the night. But can a natural wool mattress and bedding really help your little one sleep?

Here are five ways wool bedding can help you and them get the best shut-eye possible with the Woolroom. The Woolroom offer the UK’s first 100% natural wool bedding that is 100% washable, traceable and certified hypoallergenic by Allergy UK.

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1. It’s hypoallergenic

Wool is the only completely natural, sustainable and renewable bedding fibre that is naturally hypoallergenic (without the need for washing at 60C) and contributes to a better and deeper night’s sleep through its amazing temperature regulating and moisture-wicking properties.

2. It makes for the perfect temperature

Synthetic materials used in a memory foam mattress or polyester bedding require air ventilating moulds and fibres to be woven wildly to allow air to flow. This doesn’t provide true breathability and lacks the moisture absorbing ability that natural fibres particularly wool have, leaving the body to  potentially overheat and sweat while in bed.

On average memory foam can raise the temperature of the sleeping area to around 30C, 10-14 degrees hotter than the recommended temperature for sleep whilst wool will work throughout the night managing heat and transporting nearly 50% more moisture away from the body than polyester over an eight hour period.

3. Skin breathes better

Using a wool pillow allows the skin to breather better and stops your little one’s head (for use over 12 months old) and neck getting clammy (remembering 70% of the heat from the body comes from the head) through wool’s ability to transport away moisture.

4. It’s natural, sustainable & cosy

Wool has commonly been viewed as a fibre that is more suitable for cooler climates, difficult to care for and is itchy and scratchy to touch or wear.

This is not the case if the right wool types are used, as this natural and sustainable fibre is encased in soft cotton, meaning it’s super cosy and perfect to be used in a child’s bedroom environment.

5. It’s chemical-free, washable & traceable

Best of all, it requires no chemicals to make it fire resistant, as the natural nitrogen found in wool is nature’s very own fire retardant, providing peace of mind for parents and Woolroom provides two options of machine washable and 100% natural wool bedding ranges for kids.

Plus, the dedicated Wool ID® programme in The Woolroom’s partnership with British Wool allows you to fully trace your little one’s wool bedding back to the exact farm the wool in the bedding has come from, all with a simple QR code.

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Find out more about The Woolroom

The Woolroom, partnering with British Wool and Allergy UK are proud to provide the first 100% natural wool bedding, that is 100% washable, traceable and certified hypoallergenic by Allergy UK.

You can now sleep easy knowing your little one is sleeping in the purest of environments, free from synthetics and harmful chemicals and with the world’s first Organic Washable wool bedding range also have GOTS certified organic bedding too with all the practicality! Find out more at thewoolroom.com.

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