Review: Naomi Martin Touch Typing Course for Children

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Living in an increasingly technological world, a concerted effort is being made in schools across the country to make our children computer savvy. But one thing many schools don’t teach is how to touch type. Kate Freud reviews the Naomi Martin Touch Typing course with her Son, Jago.

Having trained in touch typing myself as a teen – at the Lucie Clayton Secretarial College – I realised the immeasurable benefits of being able to type quickly, not knowing at that stage how useful it would prove in my chosen career as a journalist! So I book my son Jago into a touch typing course with Naomi Martin, who has built a reputation for turning kids into keyboard wizards within a week.
Jago is understandably reluctant but after his first morning – the days are kept to a short and sweet 1.5hrs to keep the kids engaged – he comes back buoyed by the experience and keen to get his speed up! This becomes a daily theme until by the end of the week when he’s at almost twenty words per minute without looking at the keys.

Naomi uses a back to basics approach where all letter keys are taught, including punctuation and capital letters, with an emphasis also placed on having the correct typing posture and proper typing technique. Students are encouraged to focus on accuracy over speed and the small group sizes ensure that each student gets the individual attention they need.
Jago really enjoyed the experience and has been trying to get his typing speeds up since. It’s also proved an opportunity for him to be on the computer – the holy grail for tweens – whilst doing something constructive!

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