The Naked Midwives: Hampshire’s new antenatal group

Antenatal and parent-craft classes have, until now, always followed a similar pattern and content. However, new to the birth education scene is The Naked Midwives. Whilst the founders are midwives – they are not naked! The name refers to the comprehensive classes, covering all birth eventualities together with the joys and challenges that parenting presents

As practising midwives, Alex Williams and Samantha Pantlin meet so many women who feel disappointed or a sense of failure if their birth experience does not mirror their birth plan.   Realising women felt this way led to the birth of The Naked Midwives; the company mantra reads ‘women only have choices if they are truly informed’. Straight-talking with no fluff or filter, The Naked Midwives offers common sense advice and discussion that includes everything expectant parents need to know, delivered in unique, comfortable and friendly environments.

Co-founder Sam said; “We stress the importance of having flexible birth plans – and when writing a birth plan, use it as an opportunity to research all different types of birth and pain relief. After all, birth can be unpredictable and we want to empower women, and not have anyone who attends our courses ever feel like they have ‘failed’ in what is such a life changing event.”

Asked what makes The Naked Midwives different from other providers, Alex said; “As well as being practising midwives, we are passionate that women feel positive about their birth. Having a baby is a life changing event and we want to not only manage expectations but to give women the strength, knowledge and awareness of childbirth. We spend a great deal of time talking about the early stages of labour – get that right and you are half way there. All our classes are interactive and fun; we will tell it how it is.”

The-Naked-Midwives-collageClasses only started in January this year, but already The Naked Midwives has received some great feedback. “The location was perfect, providing large comfortable sofas and all the tea and coffee we could ask for!” said a client couple. “Feeling slightly underprepared to give birth we felt we needed some education about the ins and outs of pre labour, labour and the daunting prospect of bringing home a new baby. All aspects were covered in a matter of fact, honest manner, which we really appreciated. From the day we gained lots of useful hints and tips that we would not have got from another antenatal session”.

Another couple said; “Although you were not with me in the delivery room, your words stayed with me and I was able to use the techniques you taught”.

Class sizes are kept to a maximum of ten couples, led by two registered midwives with a passion for teaching. The women and their partners make strong friendships with other like-minded new parents, providing invaluable support to each other during their pregnancy, birth and early years of motherhood.

Further details about The Naked Midwives and its range of classes available can be found at