My Essentials: Georgina Cohen

We talk to the Gagosian art dealer and Porter contributor about life as a new mum to baby Caleb

How are you finding life as a mum to little Caleb?
It’s absolutely amazing and every day gets better and better. There’s no greater thing than to wake up in the morning and see him smiling back at you. I’m completely blessed, because he’s just the calmest, happiest boy.

You found love quite late so you’re an older mum. How has this affected your experience of motherhood?
I think it’s been a benefit. I’m maternal and loved spending time with my friends’ babies before I had Caleb. I’m a curious person, so by the time I had him I was quite knowledgeable, which made me more confident.

How did you find pregnancy?
I enjoyed every second and I felt amazing, too. I credit that feeling to years of taking care of myself. I have a couple of go-to gurus I have seen over the years who have helped to keep me balanced. One is Dr Gowri Motha, a fascinating and incredible woman who does ‘creative healing’. It helps the body regulate itself.

As a fan of alternative medicine, do you have any recommendations for babies?
There can be a bit of trauma attached to c-sections so Caleb had cranial with an incredible guy called Philip Owen. It really helped him. It helps with sleep, routine and how often they poo.

Where do you shop for Caleb?
We haven’t really had to buy anything yet! I think the Little White Company is amazing. It’s easy, affordable and I love it. Nanos is great, too. And I’m not sure what I would have done without Amazon or Boots.anyahindmach

What’s your changing bag of choice? And what’s in it?
I have a big, stylish Bamford bag instead. The Anya Hindmarch Baby Emergency Kit (right) is brilliant, too. It made me feel stylish and has everything you need.

Did your passion for art inform your choice of nursery décor?
We like things very neutral, but we put this beautiful little alphabet over two walls. The letters start in dark grey and go lighter as they go round. My brother Adam [who runs the Gagosian Gallery in New York] sent us an amazing group of prints we’re going to put up, which was such an amazing gesture.

Art runs in your family. How are you introducing your little one to the world of culture?
We show him a lot of books and pictures, and we read to him. He’s very alert for such a little person. He loves music as well. We do a ‘naked kick’ at 5.30pm every day when we put music on and sing and dance, and he shrieks. It’s his happiest time of the day. Then at bedtime we play him his own personalised lullaby with the RockabyBoo app.

How do you feel about going back to work?
I definitely want to go back to work because I love what I do, and I have more of an incentive than ever as I have another little mouth to feed. I’m very fortunate that I’ve been at the gallery for 10 years and they are very flexible. I’m very lucky that I have help – good help. I really wanted to make sure that when I go back to work, I had someone who I could trust to look after him and educate him.

GC3You had a very stylish pregnancy. Do you have any tips on dressing while pregnant or as a new mum?
I absolutely love Bamford and Phillip Lim. They are my two go-tos. They are so comfortable – it’s like wrapping yourself in a blanket. Nine in the Mirror is a must for any mum, too. I hardly ever wear heels now – I live in my Lanvin trainers and Céline flats.

You’re in great shape. How did you do it?
If you’ve had a c-section, it can take longer, and you want to make sure you do it at the right pace and in the right way. There is a fantastic girl called Paola diLanza, whose Bodybarre is wonderful for your core and pelvic floor. I really enjoy the mixture of barrecorre, ballet and Pilates. She has a studio, but she will come to your house, too.

Where do you like to go with Caleb?
If you want to see your child blossom, I recommend the Baby Spa in Kensington, which was set up by this amazing lady, Laura Sevenus. Babies can go there from as early as two or three weeks old. We go every week now and Caleb absolutely loves the water, and the massage afterwards. It is so calming for babies. They then graduate to the swimming classes. Caleb also goes to Gymboree.

And where do you escape to when you need a break?
My parents live in Cheshire and my husband’s parents live in Dublin, so we have two great places to go to where we are welcomed with open arms. When we take Caleb to Cheshire, he blossoms in the fresh air. It’s great.

What’s in store for you over the next year?
Being a little bit older, I’ll probably try for another baby. I’m doing a bit for a new art blog, called The Art Gorgeous. I’m also a contributing editor for Porter magazine, so I’ll be working on and off on art and lifestyle pieces. I also want to do more writing and share my knowledge of hotspots – it makes me feel connected and I enjoy it.