Review: The Mutsy iGo Pure

New mum Caroline Scott road-tests the compact and stylish Mutsy iGo Pure

When I was pregnant, I was adamant I wouldn’t become one of those bag lady type of mums, with a million things hanging off a gargantuan pram, so the neat and petite iGo suits me perfectly. It’s nippy, but still packs a punch in terms of driveability. And, aesthetically speaking, it’s leagues above many of the more common prams on the market.

The latest model of this pram from Dutch brand Mutsy pays even greater attention to ergonomics and flexibility, and is aimed at city dwellers. You can fit a carrycot, stroller seat with canopy and bumper bar, and various car seats to the frame, and choose between extra shock-absorbing air tyres or very light foam tyres. It’s when the stroller seat is attached that the iGo really shows how adaptable it can be: the backrest and leg support can be set to various positions and the seat can be placed in either a front or rear-facing position. Plus, you can collapse the frame with the seat intact.Mutsy-1

Unbelievably so! I have a little boy, Rupert, so the Pure Bright Sky colour is particularly appropriate. The light denim hue of the carrycot and cognac-brown leather of the push bar strike a perfect balance of cool and high-end. It’s colourful (without being twee), stylish and doesn’t look too functional.

I live in a house with a raised front entrance, so having a pram that I could collapse easily was a must. After a few initial wobbles, I got the hang of assembling it (and taking it apart), before dashing back up the steps to scoop up baby. I’m not particularly strong, but the 8.7kg chassis is easy enough to haul up and down. The carrycot is super light, at just 3.4kg. On a walk with my about-to-pop NCT friends, they looked on in amazement as I manoeuvred the pram along the river path and bumpy cobbled pavements; the wheels can swivel 360 degrees. It’s a pleasure to push.

The recently enhanced front wheel suspension supposedly ensures a more comfortable ride for baby, and the various ways in which you can adjust the seat means they don’t have to spend too long in one position. Rupert sleeps soundly every time we take him out in the iGo.



I love this pram. It’s pretty to look at, but also enormously practical and has slipped seamlessly into my life. From grandma successfully weaving between the crowds on the King’s Road, to mummy squeezing into cafes and restaurants without causing a scene, it’s proved ideal for everyday London life.

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