Be Appy: Mumsnet Baby Bundle

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Imagine having a personalised parenting toolkit at your fingertips… with the new Mumsnet Baby Bundle app you now can

Do you have an app for every aspect of your life? Constantly jumping from one app to the next. Well in baby world something quite special has been born…Mumsnet Baby Bundle.

Helping new parents through the first two years of their parenthood journey, Mumsnet Baby Bundle covers every corner, whether you’re looking for support and advice, keeping track of your baby’s development or just somewhere to store your beautiful baby pics.

No matter what time of night it is – if you’re up for a feed, worried about your baby’s temperature or had that lightbulb moment when you forgot to note down the next doctor’s appointment – help is on hand. Users will also never miss a trick. Create an ‘ecosystem’ where the HomeFront-App2initial user can add other trusted users (partners, nannies) to the baby’s profile, visible to everyone else linked within the synced profile.

With the option of just using the free features or upgrading to the pro level, your first experience of parenting can be made as stress-free as possible with one simple download – very appy parenting indeed!

STAY INFORMED: Create a profile for your baby then invite your spouse/nanny to create a hub around the baby. Each user can track the baby’s daily activities (sleeping, feeding, nappy changing and pumping) plus growth measurements.

PARENTING MADE SIMPLE: The Mumsnet team provide a thorough and relatable guide on all things baby care.

BABY MONITOR: Mumsnet has developed an easy-to-use device-to-device internet-streaming baby monitor that’s ideal if you’re on the go.

Download on the App Store.