Mum-of-three Shares Empowering Pictures of Cellulite After Eight Stone Weight Loss

She’s showing off her stretchmarks and scars to promote body positivity


A 34-year-old mother has taken to social media to show off her cellulite and scars after a jaw-dropping eight stone weight loss.

In a bid to promote body positivity online, Canadian social media consultant Sarah Nicole Landry has been sharing images of her body after losing over eight stone. However, the influencer admitted that during her weight loss journey Sarah had not felt as confident as she’s expected too. She reportedly began fixating on her stretch marks, scars and cellulite.

The 34-four-year old mother, whose weight had reached over 16 stone by 2013 after having three children by the age of 25, decided to post a series of images of her legs, bum and tummy on Instagram following her weight loss.


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Despite losing a jaw-dropping eight stone over the years, Sarah reportedly felt even more insecure about her post-weight loss body. Spurred on by the lack of representation of ‘real bodies’ on social media and refusing to let her own feelings about her body dictate her outlook, Sarah began sharing a series of empowering images.


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“Before I felt so alone in having cellulite on my butt and scars on my stomach, but no one was showing that on my newsfeed,” Sarah revealed according to The Sun.

“I stopped following accounts that made me feel bad about myself and started looking at positive ones, it helped me to become less judgemental and changed my mindset.”

Sarah – who is mother to 12-year-old Maya, Jemma, 10, and Boden, eight – went on to explain she came to realise her body is they way it is for a reason, revealing the process has allowed her to see that her body has nothing to do with her self-worth.

Something she hopes to encourage in other women.


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“I never thought I would be part of a body positive movement, but this has been a process of accepting my body and mental health,” Sarah told the publication.

“Celebrating body positivity shouldn’t be a one size fits all, not just plus size, thin, fit girls or others it should be for everyone.”

We couldn’t agree more!

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