Motherhood: Kimberly Wyatt Shares Her Experience

Rebecca Moore talks to Winner of Celebrity Masterchef and former Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt about dancing back into shape…

How are you finding life as a new mum?
I’m loving every second of being a mum to my gorgeous little girl Willow, I couldn’t be happier. She’s amazing – super smiley, quite content and she gets cuter every single day. I’m so excited for the coming months, watching her grow and how her personality develops. It’s fascinating seeing her learn new things so quickly.

Willow is a gorgeous name, how did you decide on it?
Before I was pregnant, Max and I were joking around about what we would name our children. Our good friend Davina McCall mentioned that she liked the name Willow and well, so did we.

Have you any can’t-live-without baby products?
The Baby Bath & Shampoo from Neal’s Yard Remedies is fantastic as it is natural and organic so I feel guilt-free using it on my baby’s pure skin. Their baby balm is great for baby massages too. Pampers nappies are the best! The blue line that lets you know whether or not baby needs a change is a lifesaver.

Untitled-1We’re going colour crazy this spring, have you a favourite colour to dress Willow in?
Nautical blue and white stripes are always fun and I’m loving yellows and tangerines, too.

How did you adapt to pregnancy with your busy lifestyle?
I just did my best to take it in my stride. My doctor gave me the best advice: I’m not ill… just pregnant. Our bodies are made to do this! I’m lucky since I have danced my whole life so my fitness levels meant my body coped well with continuing on as normal. I kept dancing until I was about six months pregnant. I performed on Got to Dance with little Willow in my tummy. My husband Max was incredibly supportive throughout and even pitched in with a few back rubs here and there.

How did you keep fit while pregnant?
I had a fantastic personal trainer, Jane Wake, who designed my own pregnancy fitness programme. She was awesome in adapting her fitness regime to my dance movements. I combined this with yoga, plenty of light stretching and long walks with my dog Cupid.

What did you do to get back into shape post-pregnancy? Can you share your secrets?
Because Willow was born by cesarean, I couldn’t start exercising until six weeks after her birth, but once I was feeling better I would take her for a quiet stroll in the buggy to kick-start the process and for plenty of fresh air. When my doctor gave me the ‘all clear’, I started gently exercising with my postnatal trainer, who was really great at helping me rehab the separation in my abdomen muscles. I never knew that was part of it! She has also helped me to re-strength my pelvic floor and core muscles through Pilates-infused circuit training. She came to the house so I could exercise with Willow three times a week. Recently, I’ve returned to doing my hot yoga, HIIT training and some tough cardio as I aim to do the Vitality World Triathlon London in May.gym

You work closely with MaxiNutrition, what is it and how does it help you?
I’ve always been careful with how I feed my body. MaxiNutrition’s products support my high-protein diet and I can just grab a Promax Lean shake or bar when on-the-go. Their shakes help muscle recovery as the intensity of my workouts increase.

How do you juggle motherhood and a career?
It can be tough, especially when Willow keeps me up at night. I love everything I do and I think that when you love your job, the determination to successfully balance it all becomes a passion. I kind of feel like I’m a mum on a mission! Having a very supportive husband and hands-on dad has been a saving grace.

What can be found in your changing bag?
All the essentials… Essential Waitrose baby wipes are my favourite because they come out one at a time instead of all sticking together which helps when you have an explosion. Pampers, changing mat, muslins, Tommee Tippee bottles, Cow and Gate Formula when out and about just in case, two extra changes of clothes, her favourite little Moo Cow that Nana got her, an extra hat… it’s never ending!

Untitled-2Do you have any favourite London hangouts with little Willow?
One of my favourite places to take her is Kew Gardens. It’s such a lovely place to takea stroll with the family.

Do you miss life in Los Angeles? Will you move back with your young family or do you count yourself as a Londoner now?
I love London! I feel more at home here than I do anywhere else. Since getting married and starting a family here I feel closer to being a Londoner but I’ll never forget where I came from. I’m an American Girl trying to live the American Dream in the United Kingdom.

What are your family summer plans?
Possibly visiting some friends in South Africa or maybe a nice long weekend to Dubai. But most of my summer plans involve expanding my cooking knowledge in the kitchen surrounded by friends and family with the sun shining and helping Willow learn to crawl in the beautiful parks of London!

Kimberly’s Essentials


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