15 multipurpose beauty product tricks

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Using deodorant to prevent blisters and petroleum jelly to set perfume are just some of the weird and wonderful ways common beauty products can be repurposed. Online retailer READ MORE: 11 tips for healthy hair, skin and nails

9. Argan oil for nails

Argan oil is a miracle to use on hair, and it can also be used on your nails to keep them healthy. Simply apply to dry cuticles to give them some tender loving care.

10. Conditioner for shaving cream

Conditioner isn’t just good for your hair, it can also be used as a shaving cream for your legs. Simply coat a small drop onto your leg, and shave to get accurate and smooth results.

11. Primer as a makeup remover

Don’t worry about sneezing and messing up your mascara, simply rectify it with your face primer. Dot some onto a cotton bud to clear away any mistakes without smudging.

12. Deodorant to remove nail polish

Running low on nail polish remover? Then use your spray deodorant instead. Spray either directly onto the nail, or onto a cotton ball and wipe away the varnish from your nail.

13. Loose powder as a dry shampoo

If you’re running low on dry shampoo, use translucent powder instead. A light dusting of loose powder on your roots will soak up the grease in your hair.

14. Lip balm to set your brows

To set your brows you can use clear lip balm or coconut oil if you’ve ran out of brow gel. Simply comb through your brows with a clean (mascara free) wand for perfectly arched and groomed brows.

15. Coral lipstick as concealer

Did you know that orange cancels out blue? You can use coral lipstick as a colour corrector to minimise dark under-eye circles. Simply dab onto the under-eye area and blend with some foundation or regular concealer to balance out your bags perfectly.

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