My Motherhood Essentials: Isabel Webster

The presenter and Sky News Sunrise host reveals all about becoming a mother for the first time.

We caught up with presenter Isabel Webster to chat about all things pregnancy, motherhood and how she’s adjusting to life with a new baby.

How are you finding life as a new mother to baby William?

He is the apple of my eye! It feels such a privilege to witness the dawning of this little man’s life. I’m amazed every day by the way he’s changing, growing and learning. The love I have for him just grows and grows more than I could ever have imagined.

How was pregnancy for you?

My pregnancy was filled with such anticipation and excitement that I’ll always look back fondly on that time in my life. It’s incredible to see what a woman’s body is capable of. Having said that, I didn’t enjoy being so immobile or having to constantly down

Did you have any indulgences?

I became obsessed with ice lollies – they helped quench my insatiable thirst and cool me down, I was always hot! I could also eat a whole packet of cold chicken – a friend once said it was because I was having a boy, but I think my body was just craving protein.

‘I was totally unprepared for the sleep deprivation that comes with a newborn’

What are your baby essentials now William’s arrived?

William has very sensitive skin and suffers from eczema so we can’t live without his Oilatum products and Aveeno moisturising cream. If I skip day without those, the little guy flares up.

Where do you like to shop for his wardrobe?

I started out as a big fan of Trotters, where I bought Christmas outfits and formalwear for a friend’s wedding, but now he lives in Baby Boden and anything with a nautical print.

If we were to rummage through your changing bag, what would we find?

All the expected baby-changing essentials, but also a stash of toys, a hat and jumper in case of an unexpected cold turn in the weather, and I’ve recently bought a modesty cover for breastfeeding. Now William is older he’s becoming easily distracted during feeds!

You must be used to early starts after presenting Sunrise – how have you found adjusting to a different sort of early morning schedule?

I naively thought it would be a doddle after working night shifts and early mornings, but I was totally unprepared for the sleep deprivation that comes with a newborn. Those first few months of William’s life were a total haze – days and nights blurred into one and weeks blended into each other. It was far harder than the labour for me, which in itself was pretty awful!

Isabel’s co-host Eamonn Holmes is a natural with William

Has your co-host Eamonn Holmes and the rest of the Sunrise team met little William?

Yes! You could tell Eamonn and our sports presenter, Jacquie Beltrao, are both parents – they knew exactly what to do. Naz Ghaffar, our weather presenter, was a little more timid with him but has been so sweet and spoilt William with lots of presents.

How do you feel about returning to work?

I couldn’t even think about work in the beginning – I’m so grateful to those women who fought for mothers to get good maternity leave rights enshrined in law.
I really don’t know how women used to go back after three months or even sooner – I couldn’t even tell you my own name or locate a hair brush until recently! But now William is sleeping through and we have started to wean him, I am getting excited about seeing the old gang and testing my brain in other ways again. I just hope it still works…

How have you been keeping up with current affairs while on maternity leave?

Sky News is always on in our house and everyone teases me because every time a story breaks, the Sky News theme tune belts out from my phone with the details and a link to the Sky News app. I am also a big fan of Twitter, but during maternity leave I’ve become more of a consumer and less of a poster.

What are your favourite things to do in London when you’re out and about with baby?

I love walking along the Thames with William strapped onto me in his BabyBjörn baby carrier. It’s great fun watching all the rowers going up and down the river on a sunny day. We also enjoy walking round Richmond Park – surely London’s greatest park.

Have you attempted a family holiday with William yet?

We took William to Amsterdam at Christmas to introduce him to all our friends who live there (my husband lived there for five years). Unfortunately, there was a poo explosion incident on the plane when the seatbelt sign was switched on so we couldn’t change him straight away. I had to watch the brown stain spreading up his back and through his clothes – while he was sitting on my lap. He’ll thank me for sharing that when he’s older, I’m sure!

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