These are the Most Popular Royal Baby Names

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With the King’s Coronation just gone, we’ve trawled through the history books and picked out some of the most popular royal baby names.

Choosing a name for your newborn can be an exciting yet challenging decision for many expectant parents. When looking for inspiration, people may often turn to names used by members of the royal family.

With the excitement still in the air from King Charles’ Coronation celebrations that took place at the beginning of May, baby and nursery retailer Kiddies Kingdom reveals the most popular baby names associated with the royal family over the last twenty five years.

These are the Most Popular Royal Baby Names

To find the most popular royal baby names, the retailer analysed the names of royal family members from the House of Windsor, dating back to King George V, Queen Elizabeth II’s grandfather.

Data was extracted from the Office of National Statistics on each royal name’s ranking from 1996-2020. An average was taken from the rankings over the 25 year period before putting them in order of popularity.

The 10 Most Popular Royal Baby Girls Names

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Topping the list for popular royal girls’ names is Sophie, as associated with the Countess of Wessex, the wife of Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex. With an average rank of 8th from the ONS, the name has been a firm favourite across the last two decades, although in recent years popularity has slipped slightly with the name dropping to 26th in 2020.

Coming in second is Charlotte, as linked to Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, Prince William and Duchess Catherine’s daughter. With an average rank of 13th, the name hasn’t slipped below position 25. Following in third place is Mia, as associated with Mia Grace Tindall, the first child of the Queen’s granddaughter, Zara Tindall. With an average rank of 25th, the name has seen an increase in popularity in recent years, placing as high as 5th in 2020.

In fourth is the name Alice, with an average rank of 32nd, with the name linked to Princess Alice, the Duchess of Gloucester, who is the wife of Prince Henry, the third son of King George V. Following in fifth is the Queen’s name, Elizabeth, which has an average rank of 39th. See the full list below.

The 10 Most Popular Royal Baby Girls Names

  1. Sophie
  2. Charlotte
  3. Mia
  4. Alice
  5. Elizabeth
  6. Sarah
  7. Alexandra
  8. Zara
  9. Isla
  10. Beatrice

The 10 Most Popular Royal Baby Boys Names

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Topping the list for royal boys’ names is Harry, as associated with Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex. With an average rank of 7th, the name has been chosen for many babies and hasn’t slipped below position 17 over the past two decades. Coming in second is the name James, which is related James, Earl of Wessex, the child of the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh. The name has been popular over the last 25 years, with an average rank of 9th.

Following in joint third is the name George, a popular name within the royal family, associated with King George V, King George VI, Prince George, Duke of Kent and most recently Prince George of Cambridge. The name has an average rank of 11th, with popularity increasing over recent years, having placed 2nd in 2020.

Also taking the joint third spot is the name William, linked to both The Duke of Cambridge and Prince William of Gloucester, the cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. The name also has an average rank of 11th, although in recent years it has been less popular, placing 20th in 2020. In fifth is the name Henry, as associated with the Duke of Gloucester, who is the Queen’s cousin, with an average rank of 35th. See the full list below.

The 10 Most Popular Royal Baby Boys Names

  1. Harry
  2. James
  3. George
  4. William
  5. Henry
  6. Edward
  7. Archie
  8. Lucas
  9. Charles
  10. Louis

A list of royal names associated with the House of Windsor was pulled using information on the Royal Family tree from BBC and Brit Royals. Data was then pulled from ONS’s Baby names in England and Wales: from 1996 dataset, which was last updated in October 2020.

For each royal name, the rankings from 1996-2020 were extracted and then an average was taken. The names were then ranked on these averages to reveal which are the most popular.

More Popular Royal Baby Names for Girls

  1. Victoria, 9 Royals with this name
  2. Mary, 7
  3. Louise, 6
  4. Margaret, 3
  5. Augusta, 2
  6. Helena, 2
  7. Maud, 2
  8. Agnes, 2
  9. Helene, 2
  10. Caroline, 2
  11. Olga, 2
  12. Louisa, 2
  13. Diana, 2

More Popular Royal Baby Names for Boys

  1. Albert, 12 royals with this name
  2. Christian, 5
  3. Frederick, 5
  4. Arthur, 5
  5. Alexander, 4
  6. John, 3
  7. Philip, 3
  8. Douglas, 2
  9. Ernest, 2
  10. Patrick, 2
  11. Friederike, 2
  12. Auguste, 2
  13. Francis, 2
  14. Andrew, 2
  15. David, 2
  16. Augustus, 2
  17. Antony, 2

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