Adorable Christmas Baby Names and Their Meanings

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As many new mums and dads prepare to welcome their own bundles of Christmas joy, we round up some of the most adorable Christmas baby names and their meanings.

For many this Christmas will not be a silent night, with some new mums and dads even spending Christmas in the delivery room, even if the two rarest days to give birth are on December 24th and 25th!

Over the years we’ve seen a number of festive and Christmas-inspired baby names grow in popularity.

In previous years, Noah and Ava (derived from Eve) topped the list of names for babies due in the festive season, with Jack, Theodore and Joseph proving popular for boys last year. Ivy, Grace and Evie were popular amongst the girls.

If you’ve got a little one due this December, or just happen to be big fans of a festive moniker, we’ve got a hefty list of adorable, unusual and fabulously festive Christmas baby names.


Christmas Baby Names for Girls


Meaning: Angel or angelic, derived from Greek angelos, meaning ‘Messenger of God’.


Meaning: grace. For a subtle nod to a winter or Christmas baby, this is also the name of one of the main characters in the winter Disney hit, Frozen and Frozen II!


Meaning: A longer version of angel, also meaning angel or angelic and ‘Messenger of God’


Meaning: A diminutive of the name Angela, meaning ‘Messenger of God’


Meaning: Ava is a variation of the name Eve, meaning ‘life’ or ‘living one’. It can also be derived form the Latin avis meaning ‘bird’


Meaning: Bailey is a unisex baby name and actually means courtyard within castle walls; steward or public official. However, this could be a nice little homage to everyone’s favourite Christmas tipple, Bailey’s.


Meaning: Belle is the French word for Beautiful. As an homage to the festive period, this name could be a super sweet take on the bells ringing out for Christmas.


Meaning: One of the more unique and unusual baby names, Bethlehem is a town in Jerusalem and the biblical birthplace of Jesus.


Meaning: Bianca is the feminine noun for the colour white in Italian. This name would be perfect for a little girl born on a snowy winter’s day.


Meaning: Although most synonymous with an americanism for sweets, Candy is a Latin name derived from the adjective candida meaning white. It’s said to mean dazzling, bright, glowing white.


Meaning: Carol or Caroline is the feminine version of Charles, meaning strong. It makes a lovely festive name as Carol singers are a Christmas tradition.


Meaning: heavenly or celestial.


Meaning: of Latin origin meaning “fair Christian”.


Meaning: Bright and clear. Clara is also the name of the little girl in the famous festive ballet, The Nutcracker.


Meaning: A name deriving from the Latin ‘clemens’ meaning mild or merciful. A clementine is a small orange fruit, usually best from November to January and synonymous with Christmas.


Meaning: Donna is the Italian for ‘woman’. Originally, the name’s meaning is closer to ‘lady of the home’ and was a title of respect in Italy (similar to Don for a man). It’s also the name of one of Father Christmas’s reindeer.


Meaning: bright or shining light, a perfect nod to Christmas.


Meaning: pledged to God, a nod to the religious side of Christmas. Another cute winter moniker, this is the name of one of the main characters in the winter Disney hit, Frozen and Frozen II.


Meaning: The Hebrew for ‘star’.


Meaning: Eve is the English given name derived from the Latin name Eva, these both originate from Chavah – a Hebrew name meaning ‘to live’ or to ‘give life’. Traditionally, Eve means ‘living.


Meaning: In Greek baby names Evangeline means ‘bringer of good news’.


Meaning: Harking back to the Christmas’s Christian roots, Faith, which became a popular name in 17th century among Puritans, means unquestioning belief and trust in God.


Meaning: Another unisex name (commonly Gabriel for boys), Gabrielle means ‘woman of God’. Gabriel is the name of the angel who tells Mary she will give birth to the Son of God in the Nativity story.


Meaning: Another Latin baby name, Gloria means ‘glory, or ‘glorious’ which also depicts beatuy. It’s a popular name for Christmas babies owing to its Biblical ties.


Meaning: Used as a reference to “God’s grace.” meaning charm, goodness, and generosity, with the sound and meaning having strong connotations of the festive season.


Meaning: Holly actually has several meanings. It’s said to derive from the Old English ‘holegn’ meaning ‘to prick’ and is the name given to the spiky plant traditionally used as a Christmas Decoration.


Meaning: Ivy is another evergreen plan most famously associated with Christmas. Ivy is also said to represent fidelity. It just wouldn’t be Christmas without Holly and Ivy – these monikers would be fitting for twin girls born at Christmas.


Meaning: The feminine version of Joseph – who we all know was a big player in the Nativity story.


Meaning: Joy is a virtue name, meaning delight or great happiness. As Christmas is the time of year to spread joy and good will, this is very fitting, festive baby name.


Meaning: happy, cheerful and friendly. Also the name of Buddy’s love interest in the 2003 film Elf. This name has increased in popularity by 122% versus 2020!


Meaning: of Latin origin meaning “young” with lots of energy. Juniper has shot up the ranks over the past year and the Juniper tree is associated with Christmas time.


Meaning: derived from lux, the Latin word for light. Some countries celebrate the Saint Lucia during Christmas – a light in the dark winter months.


drop of the sea, bitter or beloved


Meaning: In Hebrew, Mary means ‘wished-for child’, it can also hail from the Latin Maria, meaning ‘sea of bitterness’ or “sea of sorrow.” However, some sources claim definitions of ‘rebellion’. To give it a Christmas spin, Mary is the mother of Jesus.


Meaning: Merry is an English name meaning ‘lighthearted’ and ‘happy’. This would make a very festive moniker, as we all wish each other a Merry Christmas.


Meaning: English and French origin and derived form the Latin phrase ‘natale domini’ which meaning ‘birthday of the Lord’ and a reference to Christmas Day.


Meaning: Although it may not seem like it, Natasha may actually be the truest Christmas baby name as it literally means ‘born on Christmas Day’.


Meaning: A French name, Noelle simply means ‘Christmas’.


Meaning: Traditionally, North is an English surname of nobility, however it’s been made popular as a girl’s name thanks to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, who chose the name for their first daughter North Kardashian West. It’s a great Christmas-inspired baby name as the North pole is said to be home to Father Christmas.


Meaning: Although Ruby can be a unisex baby name, it’s predominantly a feminine name deriving from the precious ruby gemstone. Ruby is actually the birth stone for July, however its a colour commonly associated with Christmas decorations. Plus a Ruby – in both senses of the word – would be a pretty fabulous Christmas gift.


Meaning: celestial body. The wise men followed the North Star to reach the birthplace of Jesus.


Meaning: Stella is a name of Latin and Italian origin and it means ‘star’.


Meaning: Tanzy after tanzanite, the birth stone for December. Seasonal but not obvious.


Meaning: Growing in popularity, Wish is a new and unique baby name for both girls and boys.

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Christmas Baby Names for Boys 


Meaning: Angel originates from the Greek Angelos ‘Messenger of God’


Meaning: Also of Greek origin, Aster stems from the Greek ancient greek ‘aster’ – now ‘asteri’ – meaning ‘star’.


Meaning “Bel protects the King”, it is a biblical name commonly attributed to one of the Three Wise Men.


Meaning: A more modern English and English-American name, meaning ‘friend’ – Buddy was made even more popular thank’s Buddy the Elf, the lead character in Christmas film Elf.


Meaning: Caleb is a Hebrew name which stems from the work ‘kelev’ meaning ‘dog’, but it has been given alternative meanings such as ‘faithful, devotion, whole hearted, bold and brave’.


Meaning: ‘keeper of treasure’


Meaning: A traditional name meaning ‘follower of Christ’


Meaning: scholar. From the National Lampoon’s Christmas protagonist Clark Griswold.


Meaning: merciful, mild. Also a shortened version of the popular Christmas fruit clementine, and the author of 1823 poem A Visit from St. Nicholas (commonly called The Night Before Christmas), Clement Clarke.


Meaning: Claus is the German and Scandinavian version of Nicholas. As Father Christmas is also known as Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus, this makes a sweet name for a Christmas baby.


Meaning: ‘coal black’. It’s an old tale that coal is given to naughty children at Christmas.


Meaning: A modern take on a Christmas baby name, Comet is another one of Santa’s reindeers. Comet also stems from the Greek ‘kometes’ which means ‘long-haired star’.


Meaning: beloved. Jesus was called the “Son of David” and was born in David’s city, Bethlehem.


Meaning: The literal meaning of Hebrew name Emmanuel is ‘God is with us’.


Meaning: free to be. Frank is a tribute to Frankincense, one of the gifts given by the Wise Men.


Meaning: “God is my strength”. The name of the angel sent to tell Mary she is pregnant with Christ.


Jack: “God is Gracious.” Its festive popularity could be due to the Jack Frost connotations!


Meaning: Jasper means ‘bringer of treasure’. Jasper or Casper is said to one of the names of the Three Kings who came bearing gifts to visit baby Jesus.


Meaning: An Old Testament, Hebrew name meaning ‘he will add’. Joseph was Mary’s husband and Jesus’ step-father.


Meaning: light-giving. The Gospel of Luke contains the birth of Christ and therefore Christmas


Meaning: Deriving for the Greek Nikolaos, the name means ‘victory of the people’.


Meaning: Noel or Noël literally means ‘Christmas’ in French. It doesn’t get much more festive than that.


Meaning: Another unisex name, Robin is a Germanic name meaning ‘fame, bright’. A robin is also a bird associated with Christmas time.


Meaning: Rudolph has French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish origins. It’s said to mean ‘fame’ and ‘glory’. Rudolph is also the name of Father Christmas’ favourite reindeer.


Meaning: From the Greek name Theódoros, meaning ‘God-given’ and ‘God’s gift’.


Meaning: honouring God. The Character Tiny Tim plays a key part of Scrooge’s redemption in A Christmas Carol.


Meaning: A unisex name, fitting for a little bundle of joy born over the winter festive season.

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