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As she prepares to welcome her second child, we look back on Made in Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh’s prenatal fitness, first pregnancy cravings and how she found dressing her bump

Former Made in Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh recently announced her second pregnancy with fellow MIC star Hugo Taylor just 13 months after the birth of their daughter, Sienna. Taking to Instagram, the couple shared a series of images and an adorable video to announce the happy news.

Alongside one snap, Millie wrote:”We are so excited to announce that Sienna is going to be a big Sister! I couldn’t keep this to myself for much longer and I’m running out of ways to hide my bump! Baby 2 is due later this year ❤️”

With the happy news that Millie and Hugo are expecting a second baby, we’re reflecting on the reality star’s exclusive interview with Baby magazine, where Millie reveals which nursery brands she coveted for baby Sienna, how she’s kept fit during pregnancy, and what she has most looked forward to about motherhood.

Interview originally conducted in April 2020

Millie, your baby girl is due next month! How have you found your pregnancy?

It’s been so amazing, and even though it’s been a lot to handle emotionally, I’ve loved watching my body go through all these changes and feeling my baby kick more and more. I’m reminded every day what a miracle it is.

I’ve had a few ups and downs, of course, and have tried to stay quite open about this on social media, which I’ve found really helpful as it’s meant I’ve connected with other mums and pregnant women.

You’ve just launched a prenatal workout DVD with fitness guru Simone De La Rue. Can you tell us about it?

Fitness is so important to me both physically and mentally, so I knew that when I got pregnant, it’d need to stay in my routine. I’m a big fan of Simone anyway and have been to her classes in LA, so when the opportunity arose to work with her on these at-home workouts, I was delighted.


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There’s still a lot of misinformation out there about what’s safe when it comes to exercise and pregnancy, and I remember feeling clueless in the beginning.

That’s why working with Simone was so great, as I can share her expertise with other expecting mums too. The DVD features a variety of prenatal workouts, plus tips on meditation and abdominal breathing.

How did you cope with adjusting your exercise routine?

It was hard at first to get my head around the idea of slowing down and taking it easy. I also felt quite sick for much of my first trimester, and of course it’s difficult to keep up an exercise routine when you’re trying not to be sick!

But once I started to feel more like myself again, I was able to exercise around four times a week, but approaching it in a gentler way. It’s been so important to me to keep moving, and mentally, it gives me a chance to properly switch off.

Have you had any cravings?

Yes – in the earlier stages, I was craving all the beige food I could get my hands on, mainly because I felt so sick and that was all I could stomach. And although I don’t feel sick anymore, my love for beige food remains!

I’m eating lots of toast and cereal, though I’ve been trying to have low-sugar granola instead. My sweet tooth has definitely increased, too, and more recently I’ve had cravings for juicy fruits and ice lollies.

Crunching on ice is my newest thing, although that can be quite annoying for [my husband] Hugo when we’re watching TV, as it’s quite noisy!

You’ve also launched a collection with womenswear brand Pitusa. What was the inspiration behind it?

Pitusa is one of my favourite brands for summer clothing, and the collection is essentially a collaboration between myself and the founder, Clara.

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We’ve created a gorgeous line of easy-to-wear outfits, all inspired by our love of travel. And while they’re not designed as maternity wear, everything is adjustable and none of the pieces have zips, so there’s definitely some great options in there for pregnant women too.

How have you found dressing your bump?

I was conscious that I wanted to make the most of my wardrobe, and not buy anything that I’d never wear again. There are, of course, a few things that I really did need, like maternity jeans and activewear that goes over the bump.

Stretch dresses have been a huge lifesaver for me the whole way through, and it’s been a fun challenge finding new ways to style things. Now that I’m nearing the end, I’m really all about comfort and wearing my shearling-lined Birkenstocks with absolutely everything!

Have you shopped for baby yet?

Yes, and whenever I have a low moment, I just look at all the clothing we’ve bought her – everything’s colour coordinated and so adorable!


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Childrensalon has some really great brands, and I love Rachel Riley in particular. I’ve also found some Liberty-print pieces from Patachou, which are very cute. I’m so excited to dress her up in summer outfits.

What about for her nursery?

We’ve bought a gorgeous knitted soft grey Moses basket from Blue Almonds, and I love the Scandi look, too, so we’ve also found a few bits from Stokke and Scandibørn.

Her nursery has a bit of a nature theme; we’ve picked out a beautiful wallpaper with lots of green trees and animals, and it just has a lovely energy to it.

What are you most looking forward to about motherhood?

It’s such an unknown at the moment, but I’m so close with my mum, and I can’t wait to have that kind of bond with my daughter. Watching Hugo become a father and seeing him hold her for the first time will be incredible, too.

Any baby name ideas?

Ah, I’m not sharing anything! We do have a favourite, but we’ll just see when we meet her whether it works. We’ve picked some options for her middle name, too.

How will you be spending your days before baby arrives?

I think it’ll be relaxed. I’ll cook a few of our favourite things, then watch a few movies and spend some chill time with Hugo.

Millie Mackintosh’s collection with Pitusa launches at the end of April at Millie and Simone’s PreNatal Workout Deluxe Edition DVD is on sale and available to stream now, priced £14.99.

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