This is Why Maternity Models Aren’t Actually Pregnant

Love Island model Arabella Chi has highlighted the fact some maternity models are not pregnant. Here’s why retailers are using fake pregnancy bumps.

In news we really didn’t think we’d be reporting, Love Island has caused somewhat of an epiphany when it comes to maternity models and clothing.

Following the arrival of model Arabella Chi on the ITV2 reality TV show, it’s come to our attention that many of the maternity models we see showcasing our favourite maternity clothing may not actually be pregnant.

This comes as the reality TV star came under fire for wearing a ‘fake pregnancy bump’ when pictures emerged of her modeling for e-retail giant ASOS’ maternity collection. The images came to light after one Twitter user stumbled across a familiar face on the ASOS website.

Credit: ASOS

The Tweet read: “So Arabella does maternity modelling…?” along with images of the Love Island star – who is not actually a mum – sporting a baby bump.

Following the revelation, the fashion brand were criticised on social media for ‘false advertising’ and for not representing real pregnant women with their maternity clothes.

One person wrote: “If ASOS don’t hire or employ pregnant models then there’s not much point in having a maternity section. It may also give parents false expectations of what clothes look like.”

Why are maternity models not pregnant?

Credit: ASOS

However, other Twitter uses took to the platform to defend the retailer, highlighting the difficulties around pregnant woman posing for photoshoots.

“ASOS shoot thousands of items per day; it’s the most intensive e-commerce client for models. To keep up with their demand, it’s not fair to throw a pregnant model in when the workload is so high. Lots of clients do use pregnant models, but intense ecom isn’t ideal for them,” someone explained.

Another added: “Have you been pregnant? Cause let me tell you as a woman who has, I wouldn’t be standing for hours heavily pregnant modelling. Not false advertising at all.”

A spokesperson for ASOS also revealed:”I can confirm that we use prosthetic maternity bumps. This is to make it easier for customers to compare fit between different products.”

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