The Clever Clothing Brand Designed to Fit You Before, During & After Pregnancy

The Cariagan, Zip Us In

Have you got items of clothing that you’ve always planned to get into – but they just sit in your wardrobe? Zip Us In – who appeared on Dragon’s Den in 2020 – has the solution, offering ever-evolving, clever clothing designed to fit you for a lifetime, however your body may change before, during and after pregnancy.

We know that the second largest polluter in the world is the fashion industry, and it’s easy to assume that the demand comes from rapidly moving trends or the willingness to sacrifice quality for low cost, suggests the founder of Zip Us In, Kate Bell.

“During lockdown, while filling time sorting through eight large storage boxes of clothing in all sizes that I couldn’t bear to throw out, I started to wonder if other women change dress size as often as me,” says Kate.

“I’ve been a size 8, a size 18 and I’ve been pregnant 7 times; a rollercoaster journey that gave me two beautiful daughters,” says the founder of Zip Us In, Kate Bell.

“A quick Google and I found a research survey that concluded that women change dress size an average of 31 times in their life!”

This is where Zip Us In comes in. Their ALTERNITY range offers ever-evolving, clever clothing designed to fit you for a lifetime, however your body may change.

zip us in-maternity-wear
Expander panel, Zip Us In

Zip Us In’s patented jacket expander panel, a windproof and water-resistant soft-shell panel that expands your favourite coat, alongside the rest of their maternity clothing options, waves goodbye to outdated maternity wear and introduces ALTERNITY wear – clothing for pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy and after, designed to last.

The newest offering in the ALTERNITY range is the Cariagan, a multi-wear cardigan and baby carrier all in one. It can be worn in several different ways and the hidden belly band can be used for both style and support.


When your little one arrives, the Cariagan is the perfect newborn carrier, allowing you to keep your baby close to you and your hands free while supporting your baby in a safe and ergonomic position.

“Let’s get down to really tackling the issues that have created the demand for low cost, low quality fast fashion and reduce fabric wastage long term,” adds Kate.

“Why did you last dispose of an unwanted item of clothing? Was it because it wasn’t trendy, deteriorated beyond repair, or didn’t fit anymore? Every time I’ve run this poll, the fit is always the top answer.”

Discover more and pre-order the Cariagan at Zip Us In.

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