These are the Luckiest Baby Names for 2023

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These most popular lucky baby names with meanings said to bring good fortunes and prosperity are set to become super popular in 2023…

When better to look to lucky baby names that the Chinese New Year? These beautiful monikers with meanings of hope and happiness are said to increase a child’s chances of luck throughout their life. utilised to find out which most desired names are associated with luck. They also partnered up with psychic expert Inbaal Honigman, to delve into what the names can mean for parents and their newborns.

20 Most Popular Lucky Baby Names for Girls Worldwide

  1. Victoria – Meaning: ‘Victory’ in English, descending from a Goddess of Roman mythology
  2. Lakshmi – Meaning: ‘abundance and good fortune’ named after the Hindu goddess
  3. Beatrice – Meaning: Latin meaning of ‘she who brings happiness; blessed’
  4. Sadia – Meaning: ‘Fortunate’
  5. Iris – Meaning: Greek word for ‘rainbow’, a symbol of luck
  6. Felicity – Meaning: ‘luck/good fortune’ in Latin
  7. Amber – Meaning: Rare gemstone connoting luck
  8. Beata – Meaning: ‘Blessed’ derived from Latin
  9. Penny – Meaning: ‘Wealth and prosperity’
  10. Evangeline –  Meaning: ‘Bearer of good news’ in Greek
  11. Faustina – Meaning: ‘Fortunate one’ in Latin
  12. Jade – Meaning: ‘Green gemstone’ with connotations of confidence, acceptance, heart and good luck
  13. Emon – Meaning: ‘Lucky’
  14. Winifred – Meaning: ‘Friend of peace’
  15. Felice – Meaning: ‘Lucky’ in Italian
  16. Fortunata – Meaning: ‘Fortunate’ in Latin
  17. Megumi – Meaning: ‘Blessing’ in Japanese
  18. Bea – Meaning: ‘She who brings happiness’ a diminutive of Beatrice
  19. Moira – Meaning: ‘Destiny’ the Irish variation of Mary
  20. Bente – Meaning: ‘Blessed’ the Danish feminine for of Benedict
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The most popular lucky baby girl’s name right now is Victoria, with 2,626,923 claiming the name worldwide. Meaning ‘victory’ in English, descending from a Goddess of Roman mythology. Various famous figures have embodied this name’s meaning such as Queen Victoria and her victorious rule.

Coming in second, is the more unusual name to English-speaking countries Lakshmi, but it has 2,570,558 people taking the name! Inbaal states, “Lakshmi is a Hindu Goddess of abundance and good fortune. As Goddess of luck, sharing her name will inevitably bring luck. The name can be used both for baby boys and baby girls.”

9 More Lucky Girl Names That We Adore

  1. Clover – Meaning: Plant name symbolising good luck
  2. Ottilie – Meaning: ‘Prosperous in battle, Wealth’ a French name
  3. Kiara – Meaning: Bright/light in Italian
  4. Octavia – Meaning: Latin meaning ‘eight’, a lucky number
  5. Goldie – Meaning: ‘Gold, precious, rich’ a name of Yiddish origin
  6. Delyth – Meaning: ‘Pretty and blessed’, a Welsh name
  7. Taaliyah/Taliah – Meaning: ‘God’s gift’ from Arabic roots
  8. Dalia – ‘Destiny’ a popular name In Lithuania
  9. Lucky – no definite needed!

20 Luckiest Baby Names for Boys Worldwide

    1. Rafael – Meaning: ‘God heals’ after the angel of healing in the Bible
    2. Felix – Meaning: Latin for ‘happy’ or ‘lucky’
    3. Said – Meaning ‘Bless, good luck, joy’ in Arabic
    4. Ganesh – Meaning ‘God of the multitude’ in Sanskrit, after the Hindu god of wisdom
    5. Ayman – Meaning ‘Righteous, blessed, lucky’ in Arabic
    6. Rick – Meaning: ‘Rich and powerful ruler’
    7. Ngozi – Meaning: ‘Blessing’ in Nigerian
    8. Boniface – Meaning: ‘Fortunate, of good fate’ in Latin
    9. Amer – Meaning: ‘One who has a rich and prosperous life’ in Arabic
    10. Takeo – Meaning: ‘Strong as bamboo’ in Japanese
    11. Edmund – Meaning: ‘Fortunate protector’
    12. Owen – Meaning: ‘Young warrior, well born’ in Welsh
    13. Nik – Meaning: ‘Victory’ after the ancient Greek Goddess Nike
    14. Behrooz – Meaning: ‘Prosperous’ a name with Persian roots
    15. Benedict – Meaning: ‘Blessed’ in Latin
    16. Kader – Meaning: ‘Destiny’ in Turkish
    17. Macario – Meaning: ‘Fortunate, blessed’ derived from the traditional Greek name Makarios
    18. Jasper – Meaning: ‘Bearer of treasure’ one of the three wise men from the Bible
    19. Bonaventure – Meaning: ‘Good fortune’ in Latin
    20. Chance – Meaning: ‘Good fortune’
luckiest baby names
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This study shows that Rafael is the most desired baby name associated with luck, with a whopping 3,160,411 people bearing this name worldwide. Rafael has biblical connotations, being the name of the angel of healing. Inbaal says, “It’s a wonderful name to pick for a life of healthy living, healthy relationships and healthy decision-making. The feminine version is Rafaella.”

9 More Lucky Boy Names That We Adore

  1. Asher – Meaning: Hebrew meaning of ‘Happy; happiness’
  2. Quinn – Meaning: Irish-Gaelic for ‘sense, intelligence’
  3. Bennett – Meaning: Latin for ‘blessed’
  4. Fisher – Meaning:  ‘Fisherman’ which has connotations of superstitions
  5. Seven – Meaning: ‘Inner wisdom’
  6. Arley – Meaning: Hebrew for ‘promise’
  7. Madoc – Meaning: ‘Fortunate’ a Welsh name
  8. Koji – Meaning ‘Good luck; in Japanese
  9. Omni – Meaning ‘Happiness, luck’ in Finnish

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