The Luckiest Baby Names in 2020

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The most popular lucky baby names with meanings said to bring good fortunes and prosperity.

In a year which hasn’t exactly brought a great deal of fortune or prosperity (global pandemic, anyone), we’re clutching at any sign or symbol that may turn our fortunes around. It’s no wonder then, that parents in 2020 are opting for ‘lucky baby names’ – monikers with meanings of hope and happiness – to increase their child’s chances of luck throughout their life.

All parents hope for good destiny and fortune among their children, but following the events of 2020 many more are taking the extra step to bring more luck to their family. By decoding the meanings behind these popular girls and boys names, we’ve discovered the luckiest baby names. analysed the current most popular baby names for both boys and girls, looking for those that are most desired but also that have meanings of luck and good fortune. Each name’s ranking is determined by its overall popularity through interest on

10 Luckiest Baby Names for Girls

  1. Iris – Meaning: Greek word for ‘rainbow’, a symbol of luck
  2. Evangeline –  Meaning: ‘Bearer of good news’ in Greek
  3. Beatrice – Meaning: Latin meaning of ‘she who brings happiness; blessed’
  4. Jade – Meaning: Stone transmitting wisdom and clarity
  5. Kiara – Meaning: Bright/light in Italian
  6. Felicity – Meaning: ‘luck/good fortune’ in Latin
  7. Winfred – Meaning: ‘friend of peace’
  8. Clover – Meaning: Plant name symbolising good luck
  9. Octavia – Meaning: Latin meaning ‘eight’, a lucky number
  10. Amber – Meaning: Rare gemstone connoting luck

Iris is the 20th most desirable girls name of 2020, and is the most popular lucky baby girl’s name owing to the fact it is directly derived from the Greek for“rainbow”, which symbolises good luck.

The second most popular ‘lucky’ girl’s name, Evangeline, also comes from Greek origin, meaning “bearer of good news”. This name had a total of 770 Google searches from parents-to-be in August and is the 43rd most popular girl’s name according to Nameberry.

10 Luckiest Baby Names for Boys

  1. Asher – Meaning: Hebrew meaning of ‘Happy; happiness’
  2. Felix – Meaning: Latin for ‘happy’ or ‘lucky’
  3. Quinn – Meaning: Irish-Gaelic for ‘sense, intelligence’
  4. Chance – Meaning: English word for ‘good fortune’
  5. Bennett – Meaning: Latin for ‘blessed’
  6. Edmund – Meaning: Old English origin meaning ‘prosperity’ or ‘riches’
  7. Benedict – Meaning: Another Latin word for ‘blessed’
  8. Fisher – Meaning:  ‘Fisherman’ which has connotations of superstitions
  9. Seven – Meaning: ‘Inner wisdom’
  10. Arley – Meaning: Hebrew for ‘promise’

The trendiest lucky baby boy’s name of 2020 is Asher, which stems from Hebrew and means “Happy; happiness”. Interestingly, Asher is the second most popular baby boy’s name this year and there are a huge 2,290 searches monthly from intrigued parents wishing luck upon their child.

In second place is Felix, similar to Asher, it derives from Latin and simply means “happy; lucky”. Overall, Felix places as the 18th most popular boy’s name on Nameberry and receives a total of 1,940 searches monthly. also surveyed 3,428 parents and parents-to-be in August 2020 to find out what they think about ‘lucky names’.

They found that almost 8 in 10 (78%) would consider giving their child a lucky name, with only 22% wishing to avoid it. Of those who would do so, a whopping 94% believe giving their child a name with meanings of good fortune will help them later in life.

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