These Surprising Lockdown Baby Names that Grew in Popularity Last Year


A round up of the extraordinary lockdown baby names, inspired by the most extraordinary of years

With little else to do, it’s no surprise that couples in quarantine found a lot more time for intimacy and baby-planning. Which means there’s lots of speculation on the lockdown baby names we’ll see coming through as new quarantine babies arrive.

With the news that this spike in romance lead to a shortage of condoms (!), and as we prepare for the army of infants lingering on the horizon, OnBuy looked into the most popular, high profile names in the current climate. Admittedly, some are a little more out there than others.

Popular Lockdown Baby Names

While you may not be keen to follow in the footsteps of those couples naming their babies unusual names like Corona and Covid after the pandemic, all the hours locked in doors with nothing but Netfix and news alerts bay have some affect on the baby names we’ll see grow in popularity this year.

OnBuy looked at 100 celebrity and popular topics trending during lockdown and entered them into to determine the percentage increase or decrease in interest over the last few weeks.

These are the lockdown baby names you might find cropping up post-pandemic

Inspiration: Coronavirus

The big question on everyone’s minds at the moment is ‘’what will Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds name their new-born baby?’’ According to OnBuy’s research, the population are not a fan of Boris Junior. Instead, the population think that the Prime Minister should consider something more contemporary like ‘Corazon’, inspired by the current virus.

Even if a baby Corazon won’t be gracing 10 Downing Street anytime soon, it will probably be sweeping the country in nine months time, as the name has experienced a 1000% increase of interest during lockdown.

Inspiration: Tiger King

Carole Baskin has a love/hate relationship with the United Kingdom, but that hasn’t prevented her first name from increasing in online interest by 39%. Meanwhile, the name Joe has only increased by 29%.

Inspiration: Keeping up with the Kardashians

Kim, Khloe, or Kourtney? The age-old question seems to have finally been answered, as the name ‘Kourtney’ has seen a rise in online interest by 18% (perhaps thanks to those voice over TikToks flying around..). Meanwhile, the same can’t be said for her infamous younger sister, as the name ‘Kimberley’ decreases by 22%.

Inspiration: Ozark

This is actually a running contender for the name of Boris Johnson’s and, judging by the 62% surge in online interest, Marty will be a very popular name across the country this year.

Inspiration: Addison Rae

2020 will be remembered for many things, one of which being the year of the TikTok. Many online influencers have risen in popularity by entertaining us with a snippet of their lives in quarantine through this new app, but Addison Rae has arguably made the greatest impression. Her first name has increased in online interest by 8%.

Inspiration: Maura Higgins

Everyone loves Maura, from the presenters of This Morning to the judges of Dancing on Ice. And it seems that the population loves her too, as her first name has seen an increase in 31% of online interest.

Inspiration: You

Despite meeting a gruesome fate at the end of the Netflix series, You, the leading female protagonist’s name ‘Beck’ has seen a rise in online interest by 18%.

Inspiration: Piers Morgan

A little like Marmite, you either love Piers Morgan or you hate him. At the moment, the UK must love him as the name Piers has increased in interest by 48%.

Inspiration: Sex Education

Another loveable character who has graced our screens is Otis from Sex Education. This weird and wonderful character’s first name has seen an increase in interest by 11%.

Inspiration: Nature

As future parents dream of the great outdoors, the name Daisy, like the flower, has seen an increase in interest of 6%.

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