Discover the Eco-Friendly Sleeping Bags Helping You and Your Little Ones Sleep Soundly

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Ever in search of that elusive perfect night’s sleep, we’ve tried and tested all manner of sleep aids and accessories. Now, as the world of baby gear is waking up to the need to be environmentally conscious, we’ve discovered Little Earth Baby’s eco-friendly sleeping bags.

With sustainability at the forefront of their brand, Little Earth Baby’s sleeping bags not only keep your little ones safe and cosy through the night in all-seasons, you’ll sleep soundly knowing you’ve done your bit to protect the environment.

About Little Earth Baby

Little Earth Baby makes natural, non-toxic and biodegradable baby products. The company was founded by Emma Bianco through her love of babies, the planet and all things natural.

Core to the company belief is an ethos that babies should be nurtured in a natural and non-toxic environment as much as is practical for modern day life.

The company is passionate about keeping babies safe and protecting their future by looking after both their health and that of our beautiful planet.

That’s why all of Little Earth Baby’s use natural, sustainable and biodegradable materials, with no nasty chemicals.

little-earth-baby-sleeping-bag-greyWhy choose biodegradable sleeping bags?

Made using their signature bamboo wadding, Little Earth Baby’s sleeping bags are ideal for winter and summer. Bamboo is one of the leading fabrics for thermoregulation, making it perfect for little babies who find it hard to control their body temperatures. The outer fabric is 100% organic cotton, meaning they are designed to be safe next to delicate skin. The bags are one-size fits all and so will see you through from newborn to toddler; reducing the need for multiple bags per family.

simple yellow sleeping bag
Yellow eco-friendly sleeping bag from Little Earth Baby

What’s the benefit of using bamboo?

Bamboo fabric has so many brilliant qualities for babies. Not only is it super soft but using it as a wadding gives a unique year-round comfort while reducing the risk of overheating as it acts as a thermal regulator. Bamboo is also hypoallergenic, making it perfect for sensitive skin. What’s more, the bamboo kun (bamboo’s unique bio-agent), makes the fabric antibacterial and odourless, keeping your baby’s bedding fresher for longer. All of which contribute to a better night’s sleep for your baby, and for tired parents too.

To shop Little Earth Baby’s range of eco-friendly sleeping bags, visit their website.

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