Leonora Bamford’s Little Luxuries: Summer Essentials

Leo’s Little Luxuries: October 2020

One of my best friends has just had a baby, so I’ve been helping with the must have items. I forgot how long that list was! All my favourite go to brands are going strong and there are so many wonderful new products on the market, which is what I’ll be focussing on for this month’s Little Luxuries. We’re lucky to be able to test lots of them out and I really have been amazed this month at some of the launches.

Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier

babybjorncarrierNumber one on my list has to be a Baby Bjorn baby carrier.  I loved wearing my babies and so did my husband, there’s something so special about having them on your chest.  I chose the Baby Bjorn and just passed mine on to my friend as even after three babies it looked like new.  The ‘Move’ is on everyone’s wish list but I love the Mini too.  It comes in different materials and lots gorgeous muted colours.

Baby Carrier Move, Baby Bjorn, £119.99

Stokke Clikk High Chair

stokke-clikk-high-chairI’m a huge Trip Trapp fan and although it’s not needed immediately, I still use our three now.  Stokke has also just launched their Clikk high chair. This slick looking chair is super easy to put together, and can be used from 6 months to 3 years. It has a great adjustable foot rest and its tray can be popped in the dishwasher. The best bit is that it comes together with tray and harness so you don’t get hit with hidden extras. I love the Clover green.

Stokke Clikk high chair, Smallable, €169

Bugaboo Travel Cot

bugaboo-travel-cot-leos-little-luxuriesI’m so happy to see Bugaboo branch into other realms with their new Stardust travel cot. Bugaboo only ever launches a product when they know they’ve got it right and with this product, there’s no change. I used to battle over travel cots when my children where small and once they were finally up, I dreaded taking them down again. This genius cot unfolds in one second and has a built-in mattress with two heights being perfect not just for older babies, but newborns too.

Stardust Travel Cot, Bugaboo, £199

Family Day Out: Pumpkin Picking

pumpkin-picking-leos-luxuriesAt the time of writing this piece, you’re not to mix in a group of more than 6, so I’m going to be taking my little ones to pick a pumpkin. There’s something so lovely and seasonal about pumpkin picking and the sea of orange can’t help but make you smile. I love making pumpkin soup with roasted seeds. I’ve also been hacking them in to wedges, drizzling them with olive oil and herbs before roasting for half an hour, it’s so easy as you don’t even need to peel them. For babies, pumpkin puree is delicious with rice or pasta, it’s also pretty good on its own with a dollop of yoghurt.


Leo’s Little Luxuries: September 2020

After a crazy summer of everything from heatwaves to torrential rain, I can’t believe it’s September already. The unknown feels so strange, with going back to school for my older two and I can hardly believe that my little one is starting nursery. Call me bonkers, but we got a new puppy a couple of weeks ago, so although the sun has seemingly disappeared, I’ll be wrapping up and going on long walks each day. It’s also so nice if you can take a bit of time out from the busy day to have a walk with friends.

I was in London for quite a bit last month and I found the most amazing miniature swimming pool in the heart of Chelsea. I always panic with water around and like to get little ones swimming as soon as possible. The Chelsea Swim Spa is a state-of-the-art hydropool which is really warm and even has underwater music. They hold swimming lessons for small groups of 3 to 4-year-olds, and older ones can have private lessons or 2-1 classes.

Petit Boum Farm Spy Sensory Bottle

petit-boum-sensory-bottleI always get excited when I find a new brand that I fall in love with and Petit Boum is one of them. We sell a small selection on Mybaba.com and I particularly like the Farm Spy Bottle where a natural environment has been recreated with animals that will become the main characters of your children’s imagination. I also love the pink and green glitter Float Bottles which seem to calm children within seconds.

Farm Spy Bottle, Petit Boum at Mybaba.com, £12.50

Beauty Pie Subscription


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I have become absolutely obsessed with trawling the Beauty Pie website. BP is a beauty membership started by the incredible Marcia Kilgore of Bliss Spa. Basically, you pay a monthly membership and get hundreds of pounds worth of the latest beauty. Check out her website but try not to get lost on it.

Beauty Pie subscription, from £5 a month

Mustela Cleansing Oil

mustela-cleansing-oilI absolutely love Mustela’s Cleansing Oil. It’s ideal for bathing dry skin and is suitable for infants from birth, babies and children and, best of all, it’s made from organically farmed avocado.

Mustela Cleansing Oil, available on Amazon, £12.51

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