Leonora Bamford’s Little Luxuries

Photograph by Helene Sandberg

Each month our columnist Leonora Bamford shares her little luxuries from the worlds of parenting, pregnancy and lifestyle.

One of my best friends has just had a baby, so I’ve been helping with the must have items. I forgot how long that list was! All my favourite go to brands are going strong and there are so many wonderful new products on the market, which is what I’ll be focussing on for this month’s Little Luxuries. We’re lucky to be able to test lots of them out and I really have been amazed this month at some of the launches.

Leo’s Little Luxuries

Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier

babybjorncarrierNumber one on my list has to be a Baby Bjorn baby carrier.  I loved wearing my babies and so did my husband, there’s something so special about having them on your chest.  I chose the Baby Bjorn and just passed mine on to my friend as even after three babies it looked like new.  The ‘Move’ is on everyone’s wish list but I love the Mini too.  It comes in different materials and lots gorgeous muted colours.

Baby Carrier Move, Baby Bjorn, £119.99

Stokke Clikk High Chair

stokke-clikk-high-chairI’m a huge Trip Trapp fan and although it’s not needed immediately, I still use our three now.  Stokke has also just launched their Clikk high chair. This slick looking chair is super easy to put together, and can be used from 6 months to 3 years. It has a great adjustable foot rest and its tray can be popped in the dishwasher. The best bit is that it comes together with tray and harness so you don’t get hit with hidden extras. I love the Clover green.

Stokke Clikk high chair, Smallable, €169

Bugaboo Travel Cot

bugaboo-travel-cot-leos-little-luxuriesI’m so happy to see Bugaboo branch into other realms with their new Stardust travel cot. Bugaboo only ever launches a product when they know they’ve got it right and with this product, there’s no change. I used to battle over travel cots when my children where small and once they were finally up, I dreaded taking them down again. This genius cot unfolds in one second and has a built-in mattress with two heights being perfect not just for older babies, but newborns too.

Stardust Travel Cot, Bugaboo, £199

By Charlotte Actually Prints

To The Moon And Back Print, by Charlotte Actually

I’m always on the hunt for a baby present and have fallen in love with Charlotte’s prints. She has a gorgeous selection on her website or you can ask her to create a poem and make it in to a piece of art for a new baby. Such a lovely idea and one I’ll be pulling on in the run up to Christmas.

To The Moon And Back Print, by Charlotte Actually, £15

Family Day Out: Pumpkin Picking

pumpkin-picking-leos-luxuriesAt the time of writing this piece, you’re not to mix in a group of more than 6, so I’m going to be taking my little ones to pick a pumpkin. There’s something so lovely and seasonal about pumpkin picking and the sea of orange can’t help but make you smile. I love making pumpkin soup with roasted seeds. I’ve also been hacking them in to wedges, drizzling them with olive oil and herbs before roasting for half an hour, it’s so easy as you don’t even need to peel them. For babies, pumpkin puree is delicious with rice or pasta, it’s also pretty good on its own with a dollop of yoghurt.


Leo’s Little Luxuries: September 2020

After a crazy summer of everything from heatwaves to torrential rain, I can’t believe it’s September already. The unknown feels so strange, with going back to school for my older two and I can hardly believe that my little one is starting nursery. Call me bonkers, but we got a new puppy a couple of weeks ago, so although the sun has seemingly disappeared, I’ll be wrapping up and going on long walks each day. It’s also so nice if you can take a bit of time out from the busy day to have a walk with friends.

I was in London for quite a bit last month and I found the most amazing miniature swimming pool in the heart of Chelsea. I always panic with water around and like to get little ones swimming as soon as possible. The Chelsea Swim Spa is a state-of-the-art hydropool which is really warm and even has underwater music. They hold swimming lessons for small groups of 3 to 4-year-olds, and older ones can have private lessons or 2-1 classes.

Petit Boum Farm Spy Sensory Bottle

petit-boum-sensory-bottleI always get excited when I find a new brand that I fall in love with and Petit Boum is one of them. We sell a small selection on Mybaba.com and I particularly like the Farm Spy Bottle where a natural environment has been recreated with animals that will become the main characters of your children’s imagination. I also love the pink and green glitter Float Bottles which seem to calm children within seconds.

Farm Spy Bottle, Petit Boum at Mybaba.com, £12.50

Beauty Pie Subscription


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I have become absolutely obsessed with trawling the Beauty Pie website. BP is a beauty membership started by the incredible Marcia Kilgore of Bliss Spa. Basically, you pay a monthly membership and get hundreds of pounds worth of the latest beauty. Check out her website but try not to get lost on it.

Beauty Pie subscription, from £5 a month

Mustela Cleansing Oil

mustela-cleansing-oilI absolutely love Mustela’s Cleansing Oil. It’s ideal for bathing dry skin and is suitable for infants from birth, babies and children and, best of all, it’s made from organically farmed avocado.

Mustela Cleansing Oil, available on Amazon, £12.51

Leo’s Little Luxuries: August 2020

Well, we’ve never had a summer quite like this before and I can’t begin to imagine how scary it must be having a baby during this pandemic. Not being able to have the support that most mothers get at the beginning and having the extra worry of what to do when you finally meet up with friends and family. We’re all in uncharted waters, but the light is glimmering at the end of the tunnel. And for my Little Luxuries this month, it’s all about topping up on some self-care essentials for you and Baby.

At a time that would normally be filled with play dates and meet ups, I’ve been trying to think what I would do if I had a baby at home.  One thing I know for sure, is that I would be relying on the Peanut App.

peanut-appGorgeous Michelle Kennedy struggled to meet like-minded new mamas when she had her firstborn in 2017 and off the back, she’s created the most incredible community. Her mission has always been to stop the great feeling of isolation and empower women all over the world.  So, instead of feeling alone, pick up your phone and download.

What’s amazed me about this time is how many people have started new businesses. It’s exciting to see so many new products hitting the market and, although I’m not in the office in London at the moment (where we normally see hundreds of products a week), we’re getting new mama and baba products flooding in every day. I love seeing parents creating businesses from their kitchen table and it’s something that inspires me daily.

Maggie Pegs’ Peg Dolls

I love wooden toys. I think they feel nicer and last forever. I was sent these gorgeous Peg Dolls from Joanne at Maggie Pegs and I think these Weather Dolls would make the perfect present or addition to any nursery.

etsy-wooden-toysWeather Peg Dolls, £20, Etsy

Brush Baby Toothbrush

People all over the world have been freaking out about not being able to see the dentist and so we have been looking after our teeth with extra care in our household.  I am a huge fan of Brush Baby and this adorable little first brush is a real winner for 0-18 months, they also have fantastic electric toothbrushes for older stages.


£2.10, Brush Baby

Nourish by Jane Clarke Drinks

Whether you are breast feeding or just need a bit of a pick me up, check out Jane Clarke’s Nourish drinks. I have known Jane for years and have been waiting for this product for a long time. These delicious little drinks have the perfect blend of calories, protein, vitamins and minerals and gives you a serious nutritional boost when your body needs it most.  They come in four delicious flavours, but I have got to say I am a sucker for Chocolate.nourish-by-jane-clarke-leos-little-luxuries

£15.80 for pack of 4, Nourish by Jane Clarke

Farmologie Moisturiser by Childs Farm

My skin can’t get enough moisturiser at the moment, especially my hands and I was so excited to discover the new Farmologie range from Childs Farm. The founder, Joanna, is an absolute genius when it comes to looking after baby’s fragile skin and has just launched this new eco range to help people with dry, sensitive or eczema-prone skin. It’s a very reasonable price point and a must try.


£3.49 for 100ml, Childs Farm

Leo’s Little Luxuries: July 2020

I am sure everyone is in agreement that this is the most surreal summer that any of us have embarked on. I feel so blessed to have a garden during this time, but thank goodness for all the beautiful national parks that we have in London.

It’s a time where I usually pack up a huge picnic and stock up for the whole family at the local ice cream van. If we’re lucky enough to hear one’s dulcet tones we head straight there, and if not, we have been making Slushies to take on our walks in little thermoses.

I have been really busy with the launch of our My Baba shop and I would love to share some of our gorgeous new products for expectant mums and babies.  I am often asked about what products I love and this is the story behind the shop really.

From Babies With Love organic muslin

One of my favourite products has to be the From Babies With Love organic muslin, which is not only perfect for swaddling, but also a great lightweight cover for the summer.  I absolutely love this company, and not least because  every profit goes to orphans around the world.

Inpo x From Babies With Love organic muslin baby shawl

£14.90, My Baba

Nibbling x My Baba teething rattle

We have done a lovely collaboration with Nibbling and their beautiful teething rattles which are made with natural beechwood and silicone. We couldn’t have lived without ours.

Nibbling x My Baba teething rattle
Nibbling x My Baba teething rattle

£14, My Baba

Spots & Stripes Happy mood spray

I absolutely love spritzes and sprays and we are lucky enough to stock Spots & Stripes mood sprays. I have been spraying Happy over the whole family, which helps calm nerves and balance emotions.


Spots&Stripes Happy Spray
Spots&Stripes Happy Spray

£15, My Baba

Bunny cardigan and hat from Kit & Kin

Finally, who doesn’t love a baby bunny? We have got a gorgeous little cardigan and hat from Kit & Kin, which again is 100% organic and utterly adorable.

Cardigan £34.99, My Baba

Hat £16.99, My Baba

Leo’s Little Luxuries for June: Personalised Gifts

Being a new mother is a daunting time and coupled with the current global uncertainty, we need to support our new mums as much as we can. For my Little Luxuries column this month, I’ve been thinking about the new luxury: personalisation.

Parents can now customise everything from prams to teethers. There’s something very precious about making the perfect present extra-special with a unique touch, so here are some of the best…

Book subscription service

With lots of time this holiday spent at home, I’m signing up to the Willoughby Book Club, which is a book subscription service with personalised choices for every reader.

Baby book subscription little luxuries
Willoughby Book Club via Not On The Highstreet

£39.95, noths.com

Personalised keepsake box

Blue Almonds on Walton Street, and online, is always brimming with wonderful products and it always has its finger on the pulse. I absolutely love this bespoke keepsake box which has a secret soldier hidden inside. 

Blue Almonds Personalised Ceramics Soldier

£45, bluealmonds.co.uk

Monogrammed trainers

I’m a huge fan of My 1st Years and I absolutely love the personalised grey bunny-ear trainers. There’s also the option to put baby’s name on each side but I’d probably opt for just a single initial.

Personalised Grey Bunny Ear Detail Baby Trainers - Little Luxuries
Personalised Grey Bunny Ear Detail Baby Trainers

£20, my1styears.com

Leo Bamford on where to go this month

With most of the UK population staying inside, this issue I’m suggesting something a little different. Let me introduce you to my wonderful nanny, Anita. I’d recommend checking out her page on My Baba, where you’ll find hundreds of brilliant things to do with your little ones this summer. My toddler was making ice catchers this morning, which I know we’ll have lots of fun with. From baby crafts to homemade rattles, there’s literally nothing Anita hasn’t covered over the years.

Bugaboo Fox2

£1,190, bugaboo.com

A pram is one of the first things to go on the baby shopping list and I’ve had my eye on the latest Bugaboo Fox2. Even if you’re just window-shopping online, there’s a Create Your Own tab where you can virtually build your dream version. I love how you can play around with the colours – the neon red is super-cool. 

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