Launch of Bigoodi, the UK’s number one children’s destination

Now open. Bigoodi is a vibrant new concept store for London where children enjoy pampering and styling by the professional enthusiastic staff whilst parents enjoy a unique retail experience. This destination has been designed with care and takes its influence largely from the trendy and exclusive boutiques of le Marais in Paris. The welcoming period frontage and fun chairs invite children (and their parents) into a world of enjoyment. In addition the colourful playroom hosts parties for special occasions, (catering for 2 to 15 year olds).

This independent, family owned boutique is located at 52 New Kings Road, in the heart of Parsons Green, London. It is clear, that everything has been designed with children in mind; chairs resemble grand American cars, sleek airplanes or princess thrones and flat screen TV’s showing reel classic cartoons.

Bigoodi (a play on the French word for ‘hair roller’) has been created by Clemence de Crecy, a local mother of two young boys; “As a mother of two young children I know how hard it is to find the right hairdresser. All too often it can end in tears as regular salons are not designed or equipped to look after the specific needs of children. Dedicated children’s hairdressing has been hugely successful in the USA and Italy for a long time now, but here in the UK we have been slow to catch on. It will be the kind of place where children feel secure, welcome, and cared for, and hopefully somewhere they look forward to return to. Contented children make for contented parents and there will also be a few fun extras just for adults to ensure they enjoy their visit too.”

The children’s sector appears to be booming with major brands still opening in London.
Bigoodi will also offer various types of children’s party, including ‘Ballerina’ parties for girls with hairdressing, manicures and pedicures, light make up and ‘Kapla’ parties for boys centered around the popular French building game. Full sets of invitations will be printed out and distributed in advance for the birthday boy or girl to offer them to their best friends in the playground. Birthday boy or girl is always coming for free!

Parents will also be well looked after, and will be able to enjoy a spot of peace and quiet while the professional stylists look after their little ones. Children’s fashion and lifestyle brands will be invited to display their ranges in the shop, providing some carefully chosen top quality shopping opportunities. The collection will change every 3 months, so there will something new to explore on each visit.

Now Open:  52 New Kings Road, London SW6 4LS
Telephone 020 7736 47 68