Emma Bunton’s Kit and Kin Launches World’s First Nappy Made From Fishing Nets


Emma Bunton, founder of award-winning eco brand Kit and Kin, talks about launching the world’s first reusable cloth nappy made with recovered fishing nets and nylon waste

Founded by former Spice Girl Emma Bunton, baby brand Kit and Kin is best known for its eco-friendly disposable nappies. Now, it’s adding an incredible new product to its range – the world’s first reusable cloth nappy made using recovered fishing nets and other nylon waste.

“I am so excited to reveal this product! We’ve been looking at the reusable market for quite some time but wanted to be sure that we developed the best option on the market.”

When doing her research, Emma realised that many nappies are actually made from unsustainable plastics, such as polyester.

She wanted to create an eco-friendly option that was not only better for our world, but also much better for baby.

nappies-kit-and-kinThe innovative new reusable cloth nappy from Kit and Kin has an outer shell made of 100 per cent ECONYL, which is an amazing regenerated nylon that’s helping to clean up oceans and landfills around the world.

The inner lining of the nappy is made of sustainable, plant-based hemp and TENCEL, which are gentle on baby’s skin and also super absorbent to protect from leaks.

baby-kit-and-kin-nappies“We know that lots of parents use a mix of reusable and disposable nappies, so now they can buy them both from the same trusted brand – we’re here for whatever option suits you best.

“I think there’s been a definite shift in demand for eco products, as customers realise that their choices can have a real impact -and brands are increasingly aware of this too and are making steps to becoming more sustainable which is really positive.”

kin-and-kin-nappiesKit and Kin’s new reusable cloth nappies also feature the brand’s signature adorable animal prints and will be available to buy here, from May 2020.

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