KidSitter: it’s never been so easy to find a babysitter


Attending an adult-only event? Got drinks planned with friends? Or are you in dire need of some child-free time to yourself? Book a babysitter in just a few clicks with the very convenient KidSitter

KidSitter is the London-based on-demand childcare service with a network of over 150 trusted, reliable and thoroughly vetted childcare professionals, available to babysit for parents in London any time, even at short notice; a babysitter can arrive in as little as two hours, providing childcare wherever you need it – from your home to a hotel, and even events.

Nannies, nursery staff, nurses, teachers and childminders are all available to hire and, of course, have all been subject to a thorough background check and face-to-face interview. Only one in 10 who apply to work for the company are accepted, so you can rest assured that each babysitter really is the cream of the crop.

Best of all, there’s no membership or booking fees either – just a flat rate of £12 per hour for a minimum of three hours, covering up to three children. Bookings can be made and paid for online in a matter of seconds, ensuring there’s no need for you to make a cash payment.

Sally, from St Johns Wood, was pleasantly surprised with KidSitter after using it for the first time. “My youngest is about to turn three in a few months’ time and he was not impressed at all with me leaving him with a complete stranger. However, Yolanda was very patient and calm and kept chatting to him – she didn’t push herself onto him and she gave him the space to come to her. When I returned, Maxi was very happy. He even gave her hugs and kisses when she had to leave! I have never ever tried a babysitting service before, so this was a BIG DEAL for me, but I would absolutely use KidSitter from now on.”

So, there you have it – never again will you have to turn down a last minute night out on the town (or elsewhere) because you can’t get childcare in time. KidSitter to the rescue! 

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