Junior Open House Festival 2012

London’s first ever free architectural festival for children.
Date: 23rd & 24th June 2012
Location: City of London’s Square Mile. ‘Festival Hub’ is at Leadenhall Market.
Time: 10am – 5pm daily. Times vary depending on activity.

Junior Open House Festival is our city’s first ever free and inspiring children’s architecture festival. The two day festival will turn young people into detectives of architecture – Architectives! by exploring great architecture in the City of London’s Square Mile. The festival is packed with activities, tours and workshops in iconic buildings and public spaces, from Legobusier to Kite Clubs, Scooter Trails to Spacemakers!
Nicholas Kenyon, Managing Director of the Barbican, comments: “Junior Open House is the capital’s first-ever ‘child-friendly’ city architecture festival. We are delighted to launch it as part of the new Celebrate the City initiative, and hope it will inspire London’s children to find and explore places they have not seen before, opening their eyes and minds to the extraordinary architecture and spaces of the City of London."

The Festival Weekend

We want to excite and challenge kids, aged 5-12, about architecture. As
tasters, the programme includes:
• City of a Thousand Architects – Build a GIANT model city!
• On your Scooter Trail! – Time to whiz around the city!
• Square Mile Kite Club – Take to the sky with your model archi-kites!
• Legocorbusier Workshop – Modern architecture materclass with Lego!
• Toodle in the City – A photographic treasure hunt for ages 2-7
• Be an Archi-tecive – Discovery trail of City of London
• SpaceMakers – A roll the dice monopoly game.
• Design your Dome – Building a Geodesic dome
• Birds Eye Building – At Broadgate Tower, a cityscape workshop
• String-Scape – Using only string to create a 3D City!
• Archi-lens and Art Frames – Structural installations of Artworks
• Hatwalk – Turning architecture on it’s head!
• Shaping Sound – Creating sound using buildings as instrument
Architects, engineers, students and city workers will run these fabulous
activities and help us discover the public spaces and built environment all
around, where we live, work and play each day!

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