This Cot With a Built-in iPad is Causing a HUGE Stir Online

Gary Taylor built a bespoke cot with an iPad for his baby, but other parents are NOT happy

Credit: Unsplash

Technology has come a long way. Nowadays, there seems to be a gadget, gizmo or an app for everything. Whether you want to monitor your steps or sleep pattern, control the security system in your home or build an entire virtual eco-system out of complex digital code (each to their own) the technology is at your fingertips and it’s easy to rely on our smart phones or tablets for even the most basic of everyday tasks.

But with talk of younger generations suffering from screen addiction and the negative effects of constant online access and screen time being widely discussed, there’s much debate over when we should introduce our little ones to the big wide world of high-tech gadgets.

For one father, however, there’s no such thing as too soon.

Gary Taylor, father and owner of Birmingham-based furniture company babeek-iPad-cot

Credit: Gary Taylor/Babeek/Facebook

Created with the intention of making life easier for parents who have trouble getting their little one to sleep, the built-in iPad plays ‘soothing’ white noise to encourage the baby to gently drift off.

“For me, it’s about getting our child to sleep,” Gary explained according to children-screen-time

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